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We started our journey in the last few months and we have already accumulated a number of things we want to do within our newly established business. For example our merch and sticker line, the stance Scotland road trip, our own car shows and our very own S2000 club car.

What else can we do? Surely there’s nothing else we can promise? Well, there is one more thing for our big plans. YouTube.

Something everything keeps asking us to get involved in is YouTube, so we thought we would get involved and start our plans for our own YouTube Project Cars. The idea being to show you guys that our don’t have to spend a million pounds to have a half decent car that you can show off.

This post is all about what we plan to do with our project car, what car we will choose and some of the simple mods we will do with the budget we will tell you we are working with.

Disclosure: Posts on BoostAndCamber include ads and affiliate links where if a sale is concluded through the links, BoostAndCamber receive a small commission at no cost to yourself to help with the running of the site.

Road To Broke Boys

The aim of the game with our current project is to buy a standard car on a budget, stance it and modify it to look something like a good car, all whilst doing it with a very short amount of cash. Then when we have built the car it has to be drivable and make it to Broke Boys On The Farm.

The point of this is because we want to prove that you really don’t have to have a lot of money to have a lot of fun and create a really cool looking car. It seems everyone has to have the most expensive, most glam, the best mods, the best setups, while we just want to prove it doesn’t have to be all about money.

But why chose Broke Boys?

Broke Boys are all about giving “budget stance a chance”, just proving it doesn’t matter where you came from, the money you got or what job your in, no one is better than anyone else, it’s all about how much we enjoy life while we have it. We love what they stand for and we will be giving budget stance the biggest chance.

Our Project Car

This last 3 month we’ve been thinking about different project cars as you might have seen from previous posts like the S2000 or the Miata / MX5 posts, which we will get round to one day, but for now they are sand boxed as we aren’t really going to have enough time and resources to complete these.

So we put it to the people on a couple of research posts and polls and we found that the majority of people want to see a cheap civic build.


We can do the whole build on a civic for a very tight budget, whilst keeping the car cool enough to go to a show and get it on a stand. Then after it’s all over, we could keep the car for other projects and fun as the Civic is a great platform for engine swaps and other modifications.

Other things we could do include

  • Road to Santa Pod
  • Road to Brands Hatch
  • Road to Gravity
  • Road to France (border run in a slammed car)

This car could literally be the Boost And Camber mascot and be our trademark car that everyone will know and love.

Our Modifications

Since we are on a tight budget and to buy, tax and insure the car will take up 50% of our budget, the other 50% is going to go on some pretty cheap mods.

So to get a good modified car we need to be looking at the basics, wheels and coilovers.

Wheels are going to take up a fair bit of cash for a good set, so to kind of get around this, we will have to do some serious shopping around. EBay, gum tree and Facebook selling sites are going to be our best friends. Not only that we might get lucky and land on a car with a decent set already, in which case they just require a respray, which we will do ourselves.

Then the coilovers will have to be a good sturdy setup that is 100% affordable with a good name, so we will be buying a good set of Maxpeedingrods, as they are affordable with a good name for themselves.

It’s going to be tight, so anything we think can be afforded, like wheel spacers or Camber bolts we will try to squeeze in. Then we will assess the situation to the bodywork, if it’s alright, it’ll get a decent clay bar and detail. If it needs a bit of filler and a spray, we will get it all cleaned up. Only if it’s affordable.

Our Budget

I’ll be honest, we’re pretty broke, paying bills and wanting to do a project build for you guys has become a challenge and we have hit a bit of a snag, so we do need some help, if anyone is willing to sacrifice a couple of beers on their next Saturday night and throw us a tenner, we would greatly appreciate it.

In fact, we have started a fundraiser in order to help fuel this endeavor, we will put a link in the photo below to our GoFundMe page. Everyone that donates over £100 will get priority access to our clothing line that will be released in the near future.

All we need to save up is £2,000, then we will document it through YouTube, we will mention thanks to you guys, the sponsors and you all be part of the start of something big. We hope to take Boost And Camber to big levels but to get there we need the support of our fans.

We promise to give you guys the best content possible and give you all something back in return.

Thanks for your continued support.

Follow Our Progress

We will be starting to upload videos to YouTube in the near future, this will show you how I am a real guy with real ambitions and passions and I’m not just some crook that talks crap on a blog. All that I write and post on social media is real and it’s what I love.

All of you that are already following our progress, drop a comment below so we all know you are there!

For all of you that aren’t following us, find us on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Pinterest and now YOUTUBE! We will be making an appearance shortly to give you all a heads up of plans to come!

Thanks for your continued support!


[email protected]

Founder or Boost And Camber

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