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When most people think of fender flares they think of those off-road monsters that have huge bolt on fender flares to protect the body of the car. Nowadays with the rise of the liberty walk and Rocket Bunny, people want to replicate the looks without spending a fortune. But why fender flares?

In this article we will go through whether they have a genuine purpose, what makes them useful on stanced cars and other topics to give you an idea why they are so popular right now.

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Purpose Or Just Aesthetic?

Fender flares believe it not do have a purpose. They aren’t just aesthetic although they can look really cool, so they do a bit of both. Looking cool whilst still holding a purpose.

But what purpose can this mod hold?

Well they are used a lot in off-road vehicles to help protect the car from flying debris coming off the tires. So their purpose is really to protect the cars paint.

Their aesthetic side gives them a wider look to the car, which makes a big difference to how a car sits, especially if you like the clean lines look. Nothing better than when the fender meets the wheel, there is just something satisfying about it.

So yes these hold both purpose and aesthetics, looking good whilst protecting the paint.

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What Is The Reason On A Stanced Car?

Stanced cars on the other hand are a little different from off-road vehicles. You might have already looked into slamming your car and found a nice set of offset wheels, which is great, but it is illegal for the wheels to protrude from the body.

So the purpose of the fender flares is to cover protruding wheels making the car legal and wider. This improves the look anyway and allows for protection of the paint.

Fender flares, when done right, can really enhance the look of a car without looking too over the top, but at the same time holding a genuine purpose.

It’s also a great alternative to wide body like Rocket Bunny as these can get expensive. Fender flares are cheaper and a great addition to giving your car a wider stance.

Do They Enhance The Look?

They do improve the look of a car, anything with a wider stance has an improved look in the modified world, but it’s all personal preference. I really like a low and wide car, whether others might not.

So if your already wanting to change to a bigger offset wheel and your wheels will stick out more, these will clean the lines up and make the car look more flush and clean.

Think of it this way they are a great way to finish off the look as a final touch. With a bit of work these can really clean up a car and tidy it up giving a better stance look.

Is It Just A Fad?

Typically, most people think things like these are just fads, like the pop and bang map, big spoilers, the max power look, they all think they are fads. The thing is they’ve been around before and come back, like a lot of car mods they go around and come back again.

Bringing back old modified ideas can sometimes bring an old vision to the new age and re-ignite something or in some cases improve it. A bit like when they release a new car and they keep little features of the old models as an ode to the past.

So no I don’t think they are a fad, I think they came back to improve the look of modern cars with an old mod and they serve genuine purposes to clear us from the law and protect our precious paint. Also, giving us a nice clean finish to our cars without spending our entire wage packet.

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Flare Out Those Fenders

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to do things a little different. There are people out there that have created their own body kits and flares, rather than buying reputable parts, but that just brings uniqueness and we applaud that.

If you have a wide arch car or have an interest in fender flares, drop a comment below or find us on Instagram or Facebook and get chatting. We all love to hear from you guys.

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