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When we talk about tuning a car, a lot of people start thinking what cars would be good for tuning potential and a lot of the time people will bring up the Honda. The question is, why buy a Honda? I mean come on, they have that ricer appeal, there over popular, they are cheap.

Well in this blog post we are going to go over why the Honda is such a great platform to base a project car and why it’s so over used, because there is good reason! We will go through the reliability, the tuning, engine swaps and their track use.

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Honda’s Known For Reliability

It’s no secret that Honda have created some seriously reliable cars and have created a great name for themselves in respect to well-built cars. Some might disagree, but a lot of the time people will comment on how reliable a Honda is.

According to Warranty Direct back in 2013, they were rated the 2nd most reliable car, next to Daihatsu. This statistic comes from the fact that they had 1 in 344 engine failures, that’s only 0.29%!

The reason people say Honda’s are so reliable is because they are so cheap to source and fit replacement parts. Their parts are affordable if something goes wrong and can keep the car on the road longer, without serious damage.

If you look at a lot of the old civics, there engines are still being used to be swapped into other cars now in 2020 and some of those engines are 20 years old with over 100,000 miles!

The fact speak for themselves and if you look after your Honda engine, it will last you a lifetime!

Extremely Tunable Engines

Some of the best Honda engines like the F20, K24, B16, all the legends, all of those have absolute huge power potential! These type R engines can produce power up to the 1,000’s! But it’s not just the engine that produces that kind of power!

The talk about these engines makes people think about what they can do to increase the engines potential, leading people to the next level of power, turbos and superchargers. Turbos and superchargers are the key to unlocking a Honda Type R’s true potential.

It makes it a lot easier to tune a Honda as a posed to other engines aswel, as there are so many parts available and everything can be dismantled and rebuilt much simpler than other engines. They are built to be fixed and handle a lot of power through them.

If you want more information on tuning potential of any Honda engine, CHECK THIS LINK HERE

Perfect For Engine Swaps

Honda’s are well-known for their engine swaps because a lot of the bays, engines and parts have some relevance and engines all seem to get mixed up into different cars. Their doesn’t seem to be a combination that hasn’t been put together, but I’m sure you will find one.

A lot of the times it’s all the old civics that get a boot in, they’ll have k series engines and h series, sometimes they might have an LS swap, but generally they have some form of Honda heart.

Most times out of 10 swaps done are on the civics, but there are still a lot of swapped out Integra’s, Accord’s, even the Jazz! But we can’t tell you what to do! So just do whatever you want and make something sweet.

Quick Little Go Karts

Specifically the Honda Civic gets a huge look in on the track, it’s one of those cars that’s light, got great handling and can be tuned to have plenty of power!

Round the track a well tuned civic can more than keep up with some more powerful cars just due to the power to weight ratio. They seem to just pick up speed faster than a millennium falcon. Punch it Chewey!

If track isn’t your thing though, these are also used on the straights of the drag. With massive front tires for bags of grip they can pull extremely quick times. Faster than a dole dosser can spend his gyro.

But it’s not just about the speed, power and handling. Because these cars are so affordable and made to be fixable, they can be broken on the track and rebuilt for another day!

They Actually Look Pretty Cool

Not going to lie, the new FK8 got a fair bit of bad press and a lot of people didn’t seem to like it. Personally, we love it, it’s like a demon love child between a WRX STi and the previous Civic. It’s just beefy and cool, but it’s not to everyone’s taste.

If the civic isn’t for you, Honda’s designers have made a real go of designing all their range and have done a fantastic job throughout, keeping everything looking uniform.

Some of the more notable Civics are the EP3 and the FN2. These seem to be incredibly popular and look the business on the road also.


We think the Honda’s are a perfect project for anyone that just wants to play around, have a bit of fun in the garage, make a fun car for the track, show or drag strip. They have tonnes of potential for literally anything you can put your mind to and just like their slogan says “The Power Of Dreams”.

So get dreaming and get building your little Civic and turn it into a beast.

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“The Power Of Dreams”



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