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Everyone who loves cars, loves the thought of lowering their ride height. It’s a thing car guys and gals do, it just improves the look of the car! But what most beginners want to know is “where can I lower my car?”.

Because there isn’t really much information on where to lower your car in the UK, we thought we’d go over a couple of places you can lower your car.

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Why Lower Your Car?

First we need to go over why you want to lower your car. Is it to improve looks? Get a great stance look? Just add better aftermarket suspension to replace stock parts? Your own reasoning is perfectly cool by us, but depending on why you want your car Lowering might tell you the best method for getting it done.

So if you want to fit some Lowering Springs for just a bit more low, if you have the knowledge you could just do that on your own drive with some basic tools. But if your after something that requires precision and perfect balance and you want the job done to an OCD level, you might want to consider a specialist.

It also comes down to how you want to lower your car. It could be the difference between coilover vs air ride. Most people like to just go as low as possible and will just grab a cheap set of coilovers and drop it to the floor on their drive. But for me, I like to know a jobs done perfectly.

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On Your Drive

As previously mentioned in the above chapter, you might already have some knowledge of how to change suspension parts, or you might just want to learn on your own with some basic tools you have laying around, which is a great way of learning your car inside and out.

Something like Lowering springs and coilovers are quite often done at home and checked over by a garage or trained professional. These are a great way to lower your car especially springs because they don’t require any setup other than fit and play.

Coilovers And air suspension on the other hand might require a bit more expertise dealing in damping and ride height, because no one likes an uneven ride. So just be sure to have everything tightened over and checked by a professional before taking off for that weekend trip to Scarborough.

Performance Car Specialists

Almost all performance car specialists offer aftermarket suspension. Some of the top places offer only the best Brands and may recommend the ones more suited to your car. This way you know you’re getting good quality with the right parts for your car and it’s going to be fitted by someone that does it day in and day out.

Performance car specialists like Pumaspeed or Lk Performance will be able to book you in and give you advise on how to setup your ride and you can talk about the goals you have for your car. Not only that, it’s surprising how little it costs for fitting on the grand scheme of things.

These people will check your tracking and that everything works perfectly so you know the car will be safe, all for a small cost, giving you peace of mind!

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Air Technik – Air Ride Specialists

Air lift performance has been going around for years and has really started to take off in the UK, only there are limited places you can get Air lift performance parts fitted as you have to be a certified specialist. So finding a specialist who can dial in your air suspension can be tricky.

But these guys at air Technik really know their stuff and will dial in your air suspension to suit your needs. Air suspension is something that I think needs to be worked on professionally in order for the car to work out perfectly the way it should and shouldn’t be take on by anyone that doesn’t understand it.

If you are after air suspension for your car, get in touch with Air Technik on THIS LINK to see what they can do for you and to find the right parts to fit your car today.

After Thought

Modified cars in the UK aren’t what they used to be and lowered cars just aren’t as seen, it’s mainly all about the financed Mercedes and stupidly expensive prestige cars. Kids don’t know the struggles of playing with suspension on the driveway and making something their own.

Let’s get back in touch with modifying a car and making the most out of your ride and not refinancing a new car every 3 – 4 years, because that’s getting old now. Everyone appreciates the hard work that goes into a build project, not the expensive financed cars.

If you want to get in touch and chat about what we talk about, drop a comment below, we love to hear from you guys, alternatively you can find us on all social media.

Happy modifying


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