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Let’s get into something every car enthusiast needs to know in order to get their car ready for that show at the weekend. We’ve all been there, washing away, polishing up the night before. But what is the best shampoo and wax money can buy? I will go into some of my personal favourites in order to try and help you make a choice.

Having been cleaning my car and my dads car since I was around 12 years old, I’ve had a lot of different brands that I’ve used. Some of which are definitely not going on this list and I won’t mention any names because that unfair for business.

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If you have any other recommendations please feel free to comment below, I might have missed one or not tried one out. Also click the photos for links to the products and see more reviews and information!

1. Meguiars Ultimate Wash And Wax

So Meguiars have created the ultimate car cleaning wash and wax. It is made to reduce swirls and enhance the deep glossy shine you expect from every wash. It does just that. I drive a metallic blue ford, the colour always stands out after using this, it just seems to shine more. It also beads for a few days after, although a few people have claimed it goes on longer.

As it is chock with loads of carnauba wax and synthetic polymers it’s like giving it a was every time you wash. I mean don’t cut out that from your deep clean, but it does making routine cleans that bit easier and protects your paint a bit longer.

Pros – let’s start with the deep shine, it always leaves a brilliant finish. The beading is a bonus. The smell is delicious. It feels silky in your hands. It goes a long way, only a small cap full will do a full car, plenty of suds.

Cons – There are complaints the packaging is a little on the cheap side and the bottles leak on delivery. But I think that’s down to luck with anything.

The price of this is currently around £15 on Amazon, making it fairly cheap, especially when it goes on and on. It’s around the normal price range you pay for a wash and wax but the quality of the product is better than the cost.

2. Pro Kleen Wash And Wax

Also boasting of the carnauba wax, this stuff also leaves a great finish. Streak free and quick drying. It also claims to leave an invisible film on your car to protect the paint although I never got that impression (maybe because it’s invisible). This stuff really does get the car ready for that layer of polish you are going to add next. Giving it a thumbs up because I love the polish phase.

You only need about 2 caps full for a wash, making it very economical to use, not quite as long lasting as the Meguiars wash and wax but it does still go a long way!

Pros – leaves the car stream free with a quicker drying time. Glossy finish. Makes polishing easier. A fair bit cheaper than other brands

Cons – the liquid sometimes seperates and needs a good shake.

Like I say, this stuff is cheaper than most others on the market and right now on Amazon it is selling for around £13 and that isn’t on offer! So all in all, a great standard. Would highly recommend.

3. Meguiars Gold Class

This stuff looks the business, it’s pretty much all talked about and everywhere you look when you go looking for a decent car shampoo. It’s no wonder it is aswel because it’s just as sudsy as the Meguiars wash and wax, only it hasn’t got the carnauba wax. It’s more of a conditioner but it does just as good job.

The gold class really is gold in colour and feels silky to the touch. Nice and simple to use, like you would expect.

Pros – loads of suds, can find it anywhere, although I recommend Amazon again. Smells like sweet (winner). Not a bank breaker

Cons – the packaging is he same as the wash and wax. There is no carnauba. Still goes on the list because it’s a great product.

This is still a cost effective and long lasting bottle, costing around £15. Around the same price as the first two, but still economic and will keep you going for months. Probably one of the best mentioned but comes third on my list.

4. Autoglym Pure Shampoo

Trusted for many years and used this product for longer than I can remember, it’s legacy lives on. Unfortunately, I was swayed too much to go for the Meguiars over this, but this was my go to shampoo. I still use Autoglym resin polish though, as this is just next to none.

Although not as foamy or sudsy as the others, it still has a lovely silky feel. These come in a bigger bottle than the others, More in a bottle doesn’t mean they last longer though. I found this lasts as long as the other products but from a 2.5 liter bottle instead of a 1.8.

Pros – brilliant shine, gets rid of dirt fast while protecting the finish. Gives the waxed look without the wax. A big bottle for a decent price. Good brand

Cons – not a lot of suds. Needs a bit more than a cap full in my eyes.

Still a great product and costs around £15 for a 2.5 liter bottle it really does still do the job but without the suds. Shame. Autoglym have been around for years and they are still a trusted brand, I would definitely not rule this out if you want a good finish.

5. TurtleWax Zip Wax

Bottom of the pile is the zip wax by Turtle Wax. It’s ok. The reason it’s on the list is because it’s cheap, leaves an ok finish and if you want to save a fiver, it’ll do the job. It needs a little more than the 2 caps it says. It won’t produce as much suds.

But it will clean your car, protect the paint and the smell is pleasant. Which is fine, but I’m my eyes isn’t up to the standard as the others on this list.

Pros – cheap. Does leave a good finish. Has carnauba wax. Does the job.

Cons – not the best. Can leave white steaks if your not careful.

This is the cheapest about £10 but it’s a good product, even if you just want something that will clean your car and not cost too much. Or even if you just want to try it out. I would personally use the others above.

All In All

Meguiars, you have done yourselves proud. They always bring some of the best products to the market. I actually couldn’t decide whether I should put both on the list but I can’t fault them.

All these products are worth trying just to see for yourself. But this is how I would rank them. Make sure to click the photos to see them on Amazon and their prices and more reviews.

If you think I have missed any or need to try another one that’s not on this list, drop a comment below or email me at kevin@boostandcamber.com

Thanks for reading

Happy cleaning



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