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Following your passions isn’t something everyone can do with ease, it takes hard work, dedication, motivation and perseverance. Not to mention all the little hurdle along the way. But Krispy Media have been following their passion since 2009 and are now one of the biggest Stance Media youtubers of all time.

Krispy Media isn’t just a YouTube channel though, they are so much more than that, it’s only the tip of the iceberg and Krispy Media have so much more to offer the world as they love getting involved with the community and bringing the best they can to their viewers and subscribers.

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In The Beginning

It all started in one dudes bedroom, just filming some reviews on a couple of Apple products and other Gizmos and gadgets, then he started to gain a bit of a following, he got his subscribers up to 50,000, people were loving his content.

It wasn’t long after companies were giving him samples to try out and review on his page! It was then that it became a turning point to turn his life into a living passion, doing videography and photography.

This is where it all turned into what you see in front of you today on your YouTube channels, his passion had found its way to the car culture and he started going to all the shows, capturing and practicing getting the best footage.

But who is the dude in his bedroom, this dude is Chris Petruccio, Founder and CEO of Krispy Enterprises LLC

The Instagram

Doing photography and videography is a visual platform, so it makes sense that Krispy Media took to one of the biggest media platforms on the internet, Instagram.

Their Instagram is car guys wet dream, bubbling with 1,000’s of posts of cars and backstage work for their biggest work, it really showcases what they do and what they stand for.

Their passion really shows through their work and gives a sense of pride to the Stance Cars And really showcases to their massive following what they stand for and what they are all about.

A lot of their work on Instagram really gives you an insight of how it all comes together on the YouTube, rather than just posting pictures that they have done for shoots. There is a lot of behind the scenes, candid shots that display what happens.

Also, there are lots of cool pictures of super low stanced cars, who doesn’t love that?

To follow Krispy Media on Instagram, just click this hashtag #KrispyMedia

The YouTube Videos

Krispy Media is one of the largest Stance Cars media YouTube channels, if you love stance, check these guys out on this link, ——> KRISPY.

They have over 400k followers, videos that have millions of views and some absolutely stunning shots which I have no idea how they could have filmed.

They have a video for a number of cars shows with hundreds of hours of Stance Car Media, spanning over nearly 500 videos. All these videos give people an insight into the Stance Car culture and give something back to the world to show what it’s all about.

They also attend a lot of car shows and meets all over the USA, filming shots throughout the events, to the After scenes and even just a singular guys car from that show.

Some of the biggest and best shows they have done include

  • Stance Wars
  • H20i
  • Wörthersee
  • Cars and Coffee
  • Scrapefest

You can see some of their videos in this blog post, follow those links and subscribe, their hard work shows and they have created some excellent footage for all of us to get our hands on and enjoy all around the world!

The Website

A lot of you might not know about the website, but it offers people to get in touch with Krispy Media in order to book photo shoots and see what’s happening in the world of Krispy Media.

They also have some fantastic merch on sale, from Hoodies, T-Shirts and stickers. So if you’re interested in any of that, you can find all of this one this link here.

Just Follow A Dream

I think Krispy Media is really inspirational in the way that they are self driven and they do exactly what they enjoy doing by having a dream and just going for it and not letting anyone hold them back. In a way, everyone should be more like Krispy Media.

Just follow your passions and don’t let anyone hold you back. To Krispy Media, we solute you, just keep doing what you’re doing, you do the Stance Culture proud.

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