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With the internet being the number one go to place for information and funny memes of cats sat at tables, it’s also a source of cool car stuff. YouTube has really taken off in particular making big waves for a lot of companies and businesses. One of those businesses is Fitment Industries. But what is Fitment Industries?

This post will highlight the many things that fitment industries do, because if you didn’t know them before the YouTube, you probably didn’t know they did so much more.

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A Website Full Of Information

Fitment Industries has really kept up with the times and runs ALOT of information online, especially when it’s really important stuff like “what wheels will fit my car?”. It’s not just a fun YouTube channel though, there is a website, snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

There website is a haven for car guys that just want a good fitment, want to look cool Slammed or just want to know a lot about stance. The website offers blog posts that will give you the opportunity to get insider information on stanced cars, like static vs bagged, £600 coilovers vs £6,000 coilovers, best bang for buck coilovers ect.

The website also shows their donations to charity which is into the 10’s of thousands of dollars. Probably closer to 100’s of thousands to be honest. It also has a check my car section to give us examples of how our car will look on air, different sized wheels, among other things, CLICK HERE to check it out.

If all that wasn’t enough, there are chances to win wheels, places to upload picture of your car to get featured on the website, lists of best wheels for the year ahead and loads of other car information stuff!

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The Online Shop

The website doesn’t just stop there too!! There is an online shop! The online shop offers so much for the avid car guy that knows what he wants to get his car on point!

Things they sell include

  • All the wheels you can ever imagine
  • Suspension of all sorts
  • Car cleaning equipment
  • Tires
  • Accessories

All of these can be ordered through the website and if your short on cash, they offer an as low as 0% finance option with Affirm, just to help you out getting yourself modified and on the road. Because car stuff is expensive.

If you’re after a good set of wheels or suspension parts just have a browse through some of their stuff and ask them for advice, a lot of the stuff they offer is online, so you get plenty of help choosing a good setup for your car.

Largest Online Car Fitment Gallery

So this one really impressed me, at this moment in time, Fitment Industries has around 24,000 photos of different cars with different setups, the idea being that you can search for your car, find out how it would look with different wheels and suspension and then aim to create it.

It’s pure genius, it’s something I really wanted to use a thousand times, because I’m always curious what my car would look like on air ride with a set of 19 inch 8.5’s.

The platform on the website is really easy to use, it’s on the front page, you just have to scroll down a little bit to get to it, then it asks for your make, model, what year, what setup you want to see and then you get pictures of how your car could look. It saves faffing around building it and realising you hate it.

It’s something I have never seen before and Fitment Industries are absolute legends for making everyone’s lives a little easier.

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The YouTube Channel

So everyone knows the YouTube channel, but did you know that’s just the fun side of their business. Alex was hired to start doing some videos on cars and wheels and other fitment related cool stuff. It was just a bit of fun they started out with, but they created one video and they went viral, hitting 250k views overnight.

Since then they’ve been creating great content revolving around cars and wheel setups. One of our favourite topics they bring up is “so you want a”. It’s basically a buyers guide to all the different tuner cars out there, just to give you a heads up before you thrown down some G’s.

Anyway, they’ve been smashing this channel for years and their popularity has grown to 400k subscribers. I don’t know about you but I don’t know 400 people! That’s insane. I mean they even have a cool car that they use in the background, their own e30 BMW!

We Love You Fitment Industries

Not to be a huge fanboy to anything but we admire companies and businesses that boom like this and create something for the car guys, like a little haven. We are genuinely impressed by the amount of work their team creates and their efforts toward charity is applaudable!

These guys are going places and will probably be buying bigger work places, building more stock, increasing their online picture gallery and making thousands of fun car videos for all of us to enjoy.

So thanks for all the hard work you put in Fitment Industries. We solute you.

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