What Is Battle Stance – The Best 4 Components – Boost And Camber

Whatever you want to call it, whether it’s track stance, meaty fitment or battle stance, they all come under the same category and they all come away from the Cambergang. The battle stance is one of the latest in stancing your car. But what is Battle Stance?

Battle stance goes without saying another form of aggressive fitment to your wheels and some added aero to give it a beefier look. Battle stance has proven to be more driveable than Camber stanced cars and makes it look like a beefy meaty beefcake.

So now we will go over the 4 main points of what it takes to get a meaty, beefy, taco stuffed, battle stance car.

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Meaty Tires / Big Wheels

Aswel as lowering a car, which is always my first port of call, the wheel setup is one of the most crucial for getting that sweet sweet stance. Same goes for any build project that you intend to participate.

With Battle Stance it’s no different, the difference between this and Camber stance is the tires don’t need to be stretched or be super low profile. Instead, quite the opposite and people are opting for more of a thicker tyre and wider wheels.

Add to the mix that deep dish rims are still in the game and crazy offsets are still achieved gives you a low and wide approach, giving the “f**k, s**t up” look.

Go meaty and beefy with your tires, scrap the low profiles and get a really aggressive tight flush fitment and your onto a real Battle Stanced car, that looks like it’s ready for war.

Overfenders / Wide Arch

Not really necessary, you can go battle stance without it, but it looks a lot meaner if you do! Rocket bunny kits and over fenders are used throughout the car modifications and with all stanced / modified cars, wide arch is really taking off. It gives the architect a bit more depth to his build and shapes the car giving it better lines.

This is the same for your war ready machine. To get that real mean look, give it rivet bolts don’t even try to smooth it out, give it real hard lines going through the car and add some depth to that stock body.

Overfenders will do a nice job adding some width and they don’t cost as much as a wide arch kit, but if you want to go ALL OUT, go for something like a Liberty Walk as it has sharper lines and gives off more aggression that a Rocket Bunny.

Flush / No Camber

OMG no Camber? Are you insane? So yeah, the sites all about those Camber cars you see, rolling on the edge of the tire, but you don’t got to do that with a Battle Stance, all you gotta do is get that nice big wide wheel in the fender / arch.

Bit of a tough challenge considering wider wheels with no Camber give you more of a mexiflush / paddiflush look, which isn’t what we’re going for. Instead you’ve just got to get the wheels flush to fender. Simple.

All this makes the car more practical and fun to drive, without wearing down tyre walls, excessive rub and scraping of oil pans. It allows you to have an aggressive stance without all the hassle of damage to your car.

It just takes a bit of time working out tyre and wheel sizes to fit your car and what looks best, for a little help on that, check out Fitment Industries gallery and check out what YOUR car could look like and see what works best.

Big Wings / Duckbill

Even though big wings are sort of out at the minute and duckbills are in, the big aero style still holds true in some Battle Stanced cars. Also known as Battle Aero, these wings are super OTT and look mega aggressive and show no mercy.

You can see these on literally any car now, some of the best ones are on the Mazda RX7 and 350z’s. They are a huge wing, strapped to the back, to give a bit more track depth.

But if big wings aren’t your thing and you don’t think they’re coming back, there’s always duckbill. Duckbill is like it says, just imagine a turned up SnapBack. This is a bit more understated and less “look at me”, but still says, “yeah I’m game”.

The duckbills have become ever more popular and has come from the look of the NASCAR spoilers. A lot of the time, they will have writing on the back that is visible for the driver behind and usually reads something like “battle aero”, but you can include any cool / weird slogan you want.