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In this blog post I will be writing about something people seem a little sceptical about. Personally I was a little sceptical too, but i ended up buying one of these faraday pouches for my car keys and I feel a lot better knowing my key signal is safe.

If you have a keyless car these could be something you might want to look into, if you haven’t already, just to protect your asset, especially with car theft on the current rise. Even if you never get an attempted theft, this is really the easiest way to prevent it and give you piece of mind.

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What Does It Do?

The faraday cage was created back in 1836 by Michael Faraday, in order to observe that an excess charge on a charged conductor only resides on the outside and has no effect on the contents within. By observing this, the faraday cage was created and was used to help protect people and equipment from lightening strikes and electrical discharges.

It is only in recent years that the faraday “pouch” has been created, with the ever increasing keyless options and radio frequencies. The basic principle is you put your key inside the bag, it blocks the radio frequency from reaching the receiver, making it near on impossible to open a keyless car. Simple technology from learning about lighting strikes to stopping people knick your fiesta st. Pretty smart huh?

How Does It Work?

Electric signals, radio frequencies and magnetic fields are all around us. These are all invisible, but as you know your car keys have a transmitter and a receiver of these signals. What these faraday pouches do is stand in the way of these signals by surrounding the transmitter (your key) and stopping them reaching your receiver (your car).

What the problem is, is that there are too many car thieves around and what they do is they have devices that boost the signal from your car key, because it’s usually too far away to work normally, duplicating your keys code and effectively copying your car key so they can just hop in without setting off an alarm or breaking a window. They drive off and there is no trace of where it could have gone, in a matter of seconds.

The way we prevent this is by blocking the signals from your key. This is all done with a flexible metallic material covered in a nicely displayed leather pouch. If you don’t like these pouches and want something a little more stylish in your house, you can buy the boxes which look eligant on your kitchen side.

Blocking the signal means the criminals can’t replicate your keys unique code and they can’t just jump in it without creating a noise or an alarm. Which isn’t what they want.

Why Buy A Faraday Pouch?

So I personally went out and bought one of these after hearing that a lot of keyless cars were going missing in the UK. I thought I’d pick one up and try it out.

I tried it without the pouch at first, obviously, the car opened. Then I tried it with the pouch and it just wouldn’t open. It had stopped the signal. It also worked when I start the car up, put the key in the pouch, it tells me there is no key present. So if it’s not picking it up from inside the car, it’s going to struggle to find it from 5 – 10ft away, even with a booster.

Now on a regular basis when I’m getting out of the car I prematurely put my key in the pouch and go to lock it and realise it’s in the pouch. Duh.

The reason I would protest to buy one of these is the simple fact your car is your lifeline and I’m guessing a lot of money if it’s keyless. So if your car is even £5,000 and it disappeared over night, that’s like just handing over £5,000 to the criminals. When you could buy a pouch for around £10 – £15 (£30 for a nice box) and it’ll save your set of wheels from leaving your drive unexpectedly.

Where Can I Buy One?

I found mine on Amazon for less than £10 and it works perfectly. I put the key in when I go to bed, when I go to work, when I go to the shops. I know I spent what is a lot of money to me on a nice car and for the sake of a few pounds, it protects it and I know I’m not going to wake up to an empty drive.

If you are interested these are the ones I and Amazon recommend.
If you want to spend a bit more this is the box I recommend.

They are a cheap and effective protection against theft.