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So we’ve seen a lot of challenges on the internet, the ASL Ice bucket challenge, the manikin challenge, ghost chilli challenge. EVEN Car Throttles own car challenges, where they buy a banger for £500. But what is a cheap car challenge?! And how can we make it better?

There’s only one way you can make it better, DESTRUCTION DERBY! Well that’s one way!! But what about if you did something with the car, brought some life into an old girl and took it on an adventure it’ll never forget. We believe ever car deserves a chance!

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Set A Crazy Budget

By crazy budget I mean, crazy. I don’t mean set £3,000 get a half decent car and drive it around, I mean make sure your wheels are worth more than the car, but like a budget under £1,500 INCLUDING mods and MOT and TAX. That’s got to be a cheap car and parts.

It’s easy said than done, if you think about it, the car could be £300, wheels could be £500, Tax and MOT could be £300, depending on the car and what’s broken. That’s already £1,100 before coilovers, because they are essential.

Although it sounds tough, it can be done, it just requires a bit of hard work, budgeting, love and time. And a LOT of coffee. It if your up to the challenge, get in touch and tell us what your plans are!

Buy A Decent Runner

When we say a decent runner, it’s all about buying a car that runs and won’t require 10 million squids to get it on the road. What’s the point in a budget challenge if you’re spending more than 5000x the value of the car to have it running? So pick up a car that doesn’t need as much doing to it.

Make sure when you’re picking up your little challenge that you check it out fully, like you would with any car you buy, some of these things might include

  • Oil leaks
  • Milky residue on the oil cap
  • Tyres
  • Do all the panels line up (if not it may have been in a crash)
  • Smoke from the exhaust
  • Rough idle
  • Lights on the dash

Just a few things to look out for. You don’t want to start throwing your money away when we have more modifications to do to the vehicle do we?

Do Some Mild Cost Effective Mods

Cost effective doesn’t mean buying some pre loved lowering springs off of eBay, although that might be very cost effective, you still need to get some half decent parts. Something about old dirty cars with shiny new parts makes me happy.

A great place to look out for some cost effective coilovers and other parts would be the Maxpeedingrods website, they have a huge selection and have great reviews, they will definitely fit in the budget, while doing a fantastic job.

Another idea for your wheels could actually be eBay, as a lot of people get bored with standard sport wheels and flog them for after market, meaning you get a steal on a good set of wheels and tires. But if you want shiny wheels on dirty car try LK Performance for wheels and tires, they have a huge selection.

Then it’s just a matter of cleaning it up, filling and painting any holes, and if you want some bucket seats or upgraded steering wheels, just to put some icing on that cake.

Get It To A Show / Rally

Now comes the fun part, will it drive and not fall apart? Or will it conk out on the drive to where we you take it? It depends how far you’re going and whether you’ve slammed it so hard you lose your oil pan on the slightest of bumps.

No cheating and no flat beds! It’s about the drive not the car! Well it’s sort of the car. It’s also about the people you do it with, those that want to build an absolute machine with you and you do it together like troopers.

It’s the sense of pride you get when you work hard on something and it all comes together, then you share your hard work with other people to inspire others to do the same.

Just make it fun, have a great trip and just have some laughs along the way! Cars don’t have to be serious, they test us, they’re stressful and they can give you the best moments of your lives with people that really matter.

Reckon You Can Do It?

Challenge accepted!! Remember, if you’re doing a car challenge or project, hashtag us on #boostandcamber!! We want to see your projects and challenges come to life!!

Share a story and spend time with friends, we’re only on this planet once, so go out and live it.

Hope this has helped inspire someone to take life by the horns, If it has drop a comment below, we love to hear from you guys! All the best



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