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So we got a little bored, we decided to do a little Google search of “what are the most popular car brands” and we came across this site YouGov.co.uk. This is the list we found. Warning, number one might surprise you.

Although number one does surprise us, it wasn’t a bad surprise, we felt pretty good about it to be honest, but we genuinely wanted to know what cars everyone in the UK thought were the best and this is what we found below.

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10. Volkswagen

Not surprisingly the Volkswagen group made the list, they have a huge following of onlydubfans stretching across the UK. They even have dedicated shows and brands to the Dub culture among the thousands of people who’s first car was a VW and are loyal to the car brand.

Their most popular car is undoubtedly the VW Golf, closely followed by the VW Polo. Needless to say they are one of the UK’s most favourite car brands.

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9. Audi

Another for the VAG people, are the Audi. Coming from absolutely nothing and building their brand up to become one of the more prestige brands of cars and being renowned for being a top brand, Audi have crawled their way to a top spot.

Believe it or not, their most popular car on the road is the Audi A8, which is closely followed by the Audi A6 and rightly so, these cars are top-notch and have a sense of style and elegance, gliding over the road.

8. Mini

Mini’s beginnings were always firmly rooted in the UK’s soil, regardless of who took them over. The UK love them and it’s their quirks that make this car so popular. From the unique circular dash to the bobbly headlights, they have something other cars don’t. Character.

Mini have been through it all and have really proven themselves in the last decade or so and with the release of a new generation of Mini, the electric Mini is here to make waves and change how we view cars entirely.

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7. Land Rover

Probably one of the most well-known prestige SUV’s out there, this big car and brand but there’s something you probably didn’t know about them. Between 2000 and 2008, Ford owned Land Rover among with other brands before selling them on, that’s why if you buy an old Land Rover you’ll notice a lot of similarities between it and Ford parts.

This made Land Rover as popular as it has today and being used by celebrities, footballers and other well-known people in the media.

6. Mercedes-Benz

Always a favourite among people, but Mercedes were always going to be somewhere near the top, their popularity has spiked over recent years as they have become more affordable. They’ve become rather popular among young women and continue to rise as more are being seen driven around.

Mercedes’ most popular models include the E and C class, which are quite commonly used as company cars or staff perks. These cars are quite a luxury to most people as everyone strives to get one.

5. Bentley

Big fancy Bentley are the runners-up on the list? Surely that can’t be right? Believe it or not they are, but even still I didn’t know they were that popular. As expensive as Bentleys are, they are the top end of luxury. If you’re going to go luxury car, you might as well do it right.

Some of the most popular Bentleys include the Brooklands and the Continental GT. Some of the most prestigious cars money can buy. If we had the money, we know what can we would be taking to the airport!

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4. Ford

Even though some of the most popular, most used cars in the UK are Fords, they still aren’t the number one brand. Almost everyone in the UK has had something to do with Ford in some way or other. Even if you’ve owned a Land Rover or a Jaguar, chances are it’s been part Ford.

Their most popular cars include the Fiesta and the Focus, unless your after a van, in which case the Ford Transit has dominated the roads for years and has been used by every trades’ person up and down the UK and has been described as the backbone of the UK.

3. Rolls-Royce

One of the most luxurious and prestigious car brands coming in at number 3? How is this? How can Rolls-Royce make it OK a list of popular cars? How can anyone afford one? When you actually get searching for one, they aren’t millions of pounds, believe it or not.

Their popularity might be being held together by the older generation or the wealthy buying Phantoms and Silver Shadows, but whatever it is, they are still popular and actually, pretty cool.

2. Jaguar

Over the years, the Jaguar has withstood some pretty tough times. All in all though, Jaguar have made some pretty sexy and practical cars.

Believe it or not, one of their most popular cars to date is probably the F-Pace, with its sales being so high in recent years, although it is a close competitor for the XJ. Probably the most popular Jaguar of all time, going through the ages. The XJ really is a dream on the drive. Something you have to experience!

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1. Aston Martin

So here you have it, according to YouGov.co.uk, Aston Martin is the most popular brand of car within the UK. Rightly so that a British car is the UK’s most popular car. With their high end cars and with the average man being able to afford a used example, they really are awesome cars.

With their most popular car being the Aston Martin Vantage, the Aston Martin is something that us Brits should be proud of, that came out of the UK to date, other than maybe Susan Boyle.


There you have it, a list according to YouGov.co.uk on the most popular car brands in the UK. If you own one of these, drop a comment below, tell us a little about it and why you love it. We love to hear car stories.

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