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Stance has several sub categories, it’s not all just stance or fitment, there are different looks to stance. In this article we will try to give you a better understanding of wheel fitment and how to acquire the look you are after.

Wheel fitment really is a fine art in getting your car to look a way you vision in your head but it doesn’t have to be complicated at all, infact depending on your want / needs, it can be as simple / difficult as you want, it just depends on how much time and money you want to spend.

Just like all stance cars, we all go through this with any build and choosing a style to suit your car can be overwhelming, but hopefully we can help you pick the style that suits your car.

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What Is Wheel Fitment?

First we need to look into what wheel fitment is.

Simply put, wheel fitment is the way a wheel sits within the wheel arch / fender. The different ways the wheel can sit vary on what equipment on your car.

You could create a more aggressive look just by adding Camber or you could soften it and smooth out the look by getting a wheel that fits perfectly flush to the fender. Whichever you choose, just do it in a way that suits you.


A car that is dropped is normally the easiest style to go for, it’s usually done as a gateway into car modifications. Most people new to modifying their car will run a dropped car because it’s usually done with a simple change of springs on the car and maybe an upgraded alloy, although they are not necessary at this point.

To acquire the dropped look, change your stock springs in your car for a shorter “lowering” springs. These will make the car sit lower giving a dropped look. Fairly simple and effective mod.


Taking the dropped look one step further is the slammed look. Slammed refers to a car that is lowered dramatically, usually right down as far as the car will allow.

Slammed is less practical than dropped unless you’re rolling on bags, but that doesn’t matter if your driving with a smile on your face.

Slammed is very popular and fairly simple to acquire. It’s usually as simple as a good set of coilovers adjusted all the way to the bottom or using air suspension to bring the body of the car lower.

This is where wheels can make a big different to your cars style and going for a nicer than stock is always a good option. This might mean buying a bigger, wider wheel to bring out your cars qualities.


Just like slammed, tucked is getting your body low and getting some nice rims. The only different is you really need to start thinking about wheel offset and how to get the wheel tucked under the fender. Although both slammed and tucked are pretty much the same thing.

Wheel offset is how the wheel is in line with the hub. So if the wheel connects to hub at the center of the wheel, that would be zero offset. If where the wheels center line is closer to the hub, this is negative offset and the wheel will stick out more.

Most FWD cars have a more positive offset from standard, so a more negative wheel will help bring out the best in your car.

To get the tucked look your cars wheels will fit into the fender but they will be a tighter fit than slammed and may require flaring your arches.


Poke, mexiflush or paddiflush, whatever you call it, poke is simply where the wheels protrude past the arch. Giving the effect the wheel is poking out.

To better describe poke, get a giant offset wheel so it comes past the body of the car.

This might mean rubbing as your suspension goes up and down, it all depends on how firm your suspension is and how high it sits. If you really want to save the rub, you can cut your arches, which is scary to think about but if done right it can pay off.

Hella Flush

For me hella flush is the way to go. A bit harder to acquire and you do have to do your maths but it pays off ten fold. The idea behind hella flush is to really get the wheel to flow up along to the wheel arch with minimal gap, So the wheel is flat to the body.

It requires getting the perfect offset, matched with flaring your arches and getting the best suspension to make sure you bring the body down right to where the wheel meets the arch.

To flare your arches you can buy one of these tools click here. Failing that you can use the phone book method, it’s a little more ghetto and not as accurate, but it’ll do it.

Hella Fail

Like all the other options, hella fail, is getting your car low and getting some sick alloys. Only with fail, you need some crazy Camber to go even lower. See our article on Camber.

This gives the cars wheels some massive flare and kind of make it look squished. There are enough memes to cover my theory.

But just like any other fitment, you have to get the numbers right in order to not mess up your car. Let’s face it, this is the extreme in fitment.

It’s not to everyone’s taste but done on the right car, it can look pretty awesome.

Which Should I Go For?

Whether you’re beginning to mod your first car or your an expert looking for advice, it’s all about picking the one that suits you. The best way for me was to google it, find pictures I liked and then try to find a way to replicate.

So I would google “my car” + “slammed” or whatever fitment im after, whichever I like more I’ll try to make that look my own by replicating and then throwing in some details to make it different in some way.

It’s all about being unique. If your unique like us, join us on all social media. If you have any input into fitment or have any questions, drop a comment below, we love to help you guys.

Happy stancing



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