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We currently live in a day and age where everything is affordable to us. The previously impossible is now possible. And for you reading this, you probably already own or are looking to own a Porsche! But you probably want to know what goes into tuning a Porsche. Whether it’s to enhance the style, get more power for the track or just to make it more your own.

In this blog I’m going to try and give you some help on where to go with your new / old / not quite bought yet car. I will go through some tuning ideas, things you probably shouldn’t do to a Porsche and what I think makes these cars the most unstoppable force in the car scene.

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Some Tuning Ideas

Performance modifications are always a great way to enhance any car, but if you already have a fast car, then let’s face it, it can be an even faster car. Simple maths. But what are some of the best things you can do to improve the performance? Below is a list of some of the things that would go into most stage one

  • Remaps
  • Bigger air intake
  • Lower suspension
  • Upgrade the alloys
  • Sports exhaust

Fair play, nice and simple stuff that might increase your bhp for quite a lot, depending on your model, but if your like anyone, you want more. So stage two stuff would look like this

  • Uprated fuel pump
  • Bigger injectors
  • Sports clutch
  • Polished and ported heads

Now if you want to be silly and take it to race level which is potentially not drivable on the road for practical use you can do

  • Bigger turbos
  • Race cams
  • Forced induction
  • Sports gearbox

Personally for practicality and cost, I would be inclined to stick with stage one parts, especially if I plan to keep the car for a while. It will also give you the advantage knowing you’ve got quite a lot out of an already pretty mighty engine regardless of which model you own.

But parts can be found in the link below, Vivid Racing offer hundreds of options to make sure your car gets the best care. Give them a try!

The Unthinkable

Ok so I’ve spoke about some of the tuning aspects and that’s all good, but what about the outside? I personally love the look of an older Porsche, bagged on Rotiform. It’s probably completely impractical and silly but it’s what I think. In fact I’m looking into buying an old boxster s and slamming for shows.

What most people say is don’t go above 18” rims. If you like practical, stick with that guide, but your on a modified car blog and we don’t play that game. If you really want to stand out, give it a really aggressive stance. Its probably classed as blasphemy for the hardcore owners, but the Porsche styling stands out when they are lowered.

I’ve seen quite a few body kit options too, one being a rocket bunny type thing, that looked the balls. Everything looks good wide bodied. But I think a 911 low and wide has the best stance.

Big Brand, Big Bucks

Yeah, I’ll admit, they aren’t cheap. Parts, upgrades, services, the lot. They aren’t cheap. But why did we buy such a nice car to save on the important stuff. If you’ve got a nice car, pay for good solid parts and upgrades. Keep it running top notch and look after it, it’ll look after you.

I once had a friend who was obsessed with the brand. He had everything Porsche. He invested all his money in different models which he collected and sold for a profit. Who knew they are a brilliant investment. But what he said is even though he spent a lot of money on his cars, and they are already really reliable, why would he ruin that by putting nasty stuff on them.

I think he said he once invested £15,000 on restoring one and taking it to over 500 bhp. He just loved them way more than he loved his wife.

If you do want to look into some parts and upgrade options, check out what Vivid Racing are offering. They have a huge selection for them, but I would say the best upgrades are a remap, a good air filter, and a sports exhaust. You can use this code aswel to save 10%.

Don’t Own A Porsche Yet?

Why not? Just kidding, I’m looking to own my first one in a few years. But there is no excuse to not buy one with these reasons

  • Reliable strong engines
  • Styling that always looks modern and stands out
  • Speed and noise
  • They hold their money and in some cases increase… a lot

So just the fact they increase in value is a perfect reason to buy one. If you are only put off because of the price of them, try changing your search and look at the older models, even a boxster s from 2004 could be as cheap as £5,000!! You could own a Porsche for £5,000!! Then if you get bored, sell it for a same price or more.

Show Off Your Ride

Got a Porsche at the minute? Share it with us on our Instagram, send us an email with a picture and we will share it with a description and we will give you a shoutout. We are looking to grow as a business but we do need your help and we would love to feature our readers cars and share peoples rides with the world. So if you want to share you can:

Get in touch by emailing on kevin@boostandcamber.com

Or Instagram us @boost_and_camber

Let’s see those slammed rides!

Happy modding



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