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Time to get up and go to work. You get up, brush your teeth and start getting yourself ready to commute to work again. Sometimes it just gets boring, maybe it’s time to change the car for a little more fun? So you google Best Daily Driver Cars, because you want fun but also comfort and economy.

What’s if I told you, there were some great options for you to buy in 2020 that will give you great ride quality, a good mpg AND loads of fun on those twisty B roads. Well hold on to your hats and read on to find out the top 5 best daily driver cars for 2020.

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1. Hyundai i30N

One car that really stood out back in 2018 was the Hyundai i30N. This car was on everyone’s lips from the minute it was announced as it was the first hot hatch released by Hyundai. It was going to be rivaling the likes of the Focus RS and the Golf R, so it had a lot of people talking.

This car makes this list because of its brilliant performance, acceleration, handing and overall fun, but it also handles well in different drive modes. With its ability to change all the settings in the car, you can set it up to drive however you feel it most to your liking.

The Hyundai is a very punchy car, with 275 bhp from the performance model, it won’t let you down on the fun factor, but it will still return you a good 30 mpg, which isn’t the best but for the level of performance it’s worth the smiles per gallon.

2. Ford Fiesta ST

Known for its unbelievable performance, fun and overall great driving experience, the mk8 Fiesta really shocked the motoring world with its 1.5 ecoboost engine. Despite such a little engine, and the option for 5 doors, the cars technology made it car of the year.

With its adaptive suspension and sport modes, making this car a great car to throw around corners and power through, it shows off Fords ability to produce a well-balanced car. Not only that, but because of its 1.5 engine, you can expect to return a whopping 38mpg, which you would expect from some diesels!

So with this kind of economy and handling ability, what kind of power can you expect? Believe it or not these come with 197 bhp from standard and a 0-60 in 6.5 seconds. Not bad for a car that is still comfy and nimble. Making this a great car to be used as a daily driver.

3. Renault Megane RS

Something that Renault have been doing well for years is the RS range and their release of the Megane RS mk4 back in 2018 is no different from its predecessors. In fact, with its bold redesign and updated technology, the Megane RS could be classed as one of the best hot hatches of its time.

With a 1.8 turbo engine pushing out 280 bhp, it makes it a great rival to other cars in its class. This Megane comes with a ginormous touch screen which is loaded with gadgets and extras.

Even with the level of performance you get out of the Megane, you can still return a respectable 35mpg, which is applaudable for such a quick car. But note that if you buy the cup, your ride quality might be a bit firm and might make your daily drive a little uncomfortable, something I know I could sacrifice.

4. Skoda Octavia VRS

Although not the prettiest on the list, the Octavia has the best economy of the lot and probably the best ride quality. The Octavia also has a selection of engines and body types to choose from, including diesel / petrol, hatch / estate, FWD / AWD.

These options make it a great contender as you have a lot more options than you do with any other car on this list. So if you need a big estate that only goes 5 miles on your routine daily drive, there is a petrol option for that. If you just want a motorway cruiser that looks sportier, the diesel hatch will be perfect.

The Skodas performance might not be up to par, with the biggest bhp coming from the 2.0 TSI petrol engine, it still produces 245 bhp and the 2.0 TDI diesel having 184 bhp. But don’t take that for granted as they both have a great economy between 32 and 49 mpg depending on what options you go for.

All this makes the Skoda an excellently choice for whatever daily driving you do.

5. VW Golf R

I could have mentioned the GTI or the GTD but I really didn’t want to. The Golf R might be a firmer ride than both the other options and it might be a lot worse off on fuel, but it’s just a better car than the other 2. Someone once told me, if you’re getting a GTI you might aswel get the R, it just makes sense.

Believe it or not this car might surprise you though, as the Golf R produces 300 bhp and runs a 0-62 In 5 seconds but will still bring home a 38 mpg. Probably the fastest and one of the most economic On the list. As good as it sounds, it does have a firm suspension that could impact your daily commute.

Never the less, it’s a Golf, so you know it’s going to bring plenty of smiles and joy to your dull everyday driving. Which is the reason we wrote this post, to give you smiles on the most uninspiring days.


All 5 cars are fantastic daily drivers offering you all round fun to get you to where you need to go. Personally I’m a big fan of the Fords and agree the Fiesta is one of the best for commuting and the weekend fun too, so that would be my car of choice, but it is entirely your choice.

If you own one of these or found this post helpful, we would love to hear from you in the comments below. Either that or drop us a like, comment or follow on our Facebook / Instagram and Twitter pages.

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