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Who doesn’t enjoy a day of just chilling out washing the car and spending some love keeping it clean to show off to the world. When I started detailing my cars, I made tonnes of mistakes and learnt the things to avoid, so if you want to avoid the problems I came into, read on for tips for detailing your car.

No one likes making mistakes do we, in fact we avoid doing most tasks because it involves going wrong and we don’t like that, wouldn’t it be great if there was hindsight or someone that has been through the trenches and learnt his lessons?

If you think you’re doing everything right with your detailing regime, read on, you might be wrong, if you’re a novice and just want some simple tips, these are some things not to do, but be sure to find the things to do also.

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Washing On A Sunny Day

This is a big one, washing a car on a sunny day is like a huge no no for a car detailer or a budding car enthusiast. Sun and UV is not only bad for paint, not as much as it was when it was lead paint, but it does take its toll. This is why we follow a good detailing regime in the first place, to protect the paint from the elements and the sun is one of them.

It’s not really the UV that’s the issue, it’s just the heat and evaporation of the water from the body of your car. If it’s drying faster than you can wash it or rinse it, you’re going to have a bad time, you need to be able to rinse the suds before they bake on and cause water spots that are impossible to get rid of.

The solution here is do it on a cloudy day, it’s OK if it’s mildly warm, but not baking hot, it’ll make your job 100 times easier, but if you HAVE to wash it on a sunny day, make sure to keep splashing the paint and keep it cool, try to get some shade, your sun burn will thank me later.

Don’t Drop The Sponge!

A bit like dropping the soap, you gotta pick it up again, something you probably want to avoid. If you’re using one of those brush style washers, stop now. They are just as bad and you get tempted to rest them on the floor.

The reason we say don’t drop the sponge is a really simple one. You drop the wet sponge or wash mitt, it picks up dirt or loose gravel and you transfer this to your paint and if you pick up a small stone, get ready for some scratches that T-cut can’t even get out.

The solution here is to not drop the sponge, what I find helps is using 2 buckets, this allows you to have one for rinsing and one for shampoo, so when you rinse the sponge any dirt collected can be deposited before getting more shampoo. It also gives you more chance to catch it if you drop it.

Using A Chamois To Dry

Chamois are something of the past, they are outdated and only your grandad will use them, they will cause more damage to your paint then you care to think about. This is because unlike a micro fibre cloth, they are a flat surface that is more than likely going to move around any muck that might have been missed.

Not only that but chamois aren’t that great at sucking up water, not like a micro fibre, which are extremely good at absorbing water.

A micro fiber towel is a great way to dry a car without causing damage to the paint. You can also use a rubber squeegee but they are still a bit controversial in the detailing world, we like them and they still do the job.

Never the less, avoid the chamois, it’s a dead product, use a micro fibre towel, it’ll save you from swirl marks and scratches

Using Poor Products

Anyone ever told you if you buy cheap, expect cheap results? Or something along those lines. This is true with cleaning products, although it’s not always the case, there are some great affordable products too, but we recommend paying the extra and taking care of your car.

Poor products can leave your finish looking streaky, dull and sometimes damage your protection because they are too acidic or the wax is of low quality. We don’t want that, instead, you want to get a great finish, keep the pain protected and get a deep shiny glossy look.

I’m not saying all cheap products are bad, just check the reviews before purchasing. But the best way to make sure you’re getting the best is to follow a reputable brand like Meguiars or Auto Finesse. These are great products and they make cleaning your car faster and easier.

Enjoy Your Detailing Routine

Detailing a car properly can take hours and hours of work, but the finish product, if done correctly and avoiding these mistakes can give you exactly what you desire.

So you might as well enjoy the process, spend some time with your loved one (your car) And just chill out, it’ll help you clear your head and you’ll have a deep glossy finish to your paintwork.

If you have any other don’t do tips, drop a comment below or find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Happy Detailing

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