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Times are hard and finding the happy times can be a bit tricky when everything is so gloomy, you gotta work 9-5, responsibility’s are piling up, you’re running out of things that make you feel happy. Well if you’re a car guy look at this list of things and it might help to change your outlook on life!

This list is compiled with things that make us happy, just the little things, just to try to give you all a better outlook and to remind you all that it ain’t so bad, sometimes happiness is in the small print and it’s hard to see, take a step back, read this article and see if any of these rings a bell.

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Just Driving For The Fun

This is an easy one isn’t it, Driving isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, some find it super stressful and just want to get to where they are going really fast and that’s it. For us car guys, it’s a little different isn’t it.

It’s that nice steady cruise in the sun with the windows down because the AC broke and you don’t know how to fix it. It’s that track that comes on that reminds you of that drive to the coast when you just needed to escape.

Driving can change our mood in a second, it’s the escape of the world, being able to just leave all your troubles behind, get in the car and just listen to your 3” tail pipe rumble while you drive a nice and steady 30mph on your way to god knows where, while you chill out.

Have you ever had just a nice roll out to the coast, suns out, bangers are on and you just unwind. Doesn’t matter what car your in, it just feels like nothing matters, your just enjoying the drive.

Yeah, that’s us car guys in a nut shell.

Fixing That Noise

Now onto something a little less peaceful, because you’ve had that noise that’s been bothering you for a while, it’s been knocking somewhere in the back and you haven’t a clue. You’ve had all the boot out, wheels off, suspension in bits, nothing. You don’t have a clue.

Then WHAM! You find it! It was something simple like a warped disc or a sensor knocking. You get in your car and it’s gone! Nothing, like it always was, you can think again while you’re driving and not have to think about it. That makes you feel pretty good doesn’t it.

It might not even be a noise, it might be that heater that’s been playing up, or an electrical issue you’ve had for months, to be fair when it’s finally done and fixed, whatever it is, it cheers you up and you just relax and it clears one more stress from your mind.

Working On The Car On A Nice Day

Whether you’re on your own, with friends / family, beer or no beer, cleaning or fixing. Something about working on the car on a warm sunny day with a bit of music in the background just cheers me up. Just you, a bucket and a sponge a car and some time to kill.

Like I say it’s not just about being on your own though, it could be with friends or family, it’s a great bonding session, just connecting over cars, working together on a goal, gives you a stronger relationship. I’ve been out working on cars with my Father in law and it’s probably the most memorable times I’ve had.

Something about just getting stressed out together and putting our heads in the same spaces makes it worthwhile. Especially when the plan comes together and whatever it is we are fixing or cleaning comes together just right.

When You Find You’re 10mm

Car guys you know what I mean, losing this little thing is stressful enough, especially at the best of times, when you find it, it’s just like you found a long-lost relative. Plus it saves you buying your 5,000th one.

I don’t know what it is, it’s just a rule or a law, that when you get into your garage and everything requires a 10mm socket, they just go missing, they either roll or walk or just use magic to vanish into oblivion. Who knows!

Doesn’t matter, because when you find one, it’s like heaven, it’s like someone up there likes you and wants you to have that socket, even if you don’t need it at the time. It’s bliss man!

Finally Finishing That Project

Na I’m just messing with you. Projects don’t get finished, they never get finished. Doesn’t matter how much you do, what you’ve done and what you intend to do, projects are a never ending cycle.

But once in a while, you get content with it, you’re happy with how it is for that month or 2 and you’re just proud of what you’ve accomplished. This is how it feels to sort of finish a project car.

Although you’re still a million miles away from finishing it, those little rest stops are where you are happy, proud and content and it’s kind of fulfilling.

Maybe one day we will finish one. One day.

Watching Fast And Furious

I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s all the thousands of gear changes, the cars, the nitrous, the 2,000 mile runways, but Fast and Furious movies always get me in a good mood. Maybe it’s just a car guy thing or maybe it’s just me, but just all the action and “family” stuff gets to me, even the earlier ones that weren’t as soppy, just the tuner culture really got me fired up.

Does this sound familiar? Let us know in the comments below so we don’t feel lonely!

Did We Miss Anything

These are just generalized to what we love, what we are about and the little things in life that make us happy. Even just the hanging out and talking about cars is enough sometimes to satisfy the dark times.

Even if you’re not into cars, consider getting your kicks from just taking some you time and escaping, taking a drive or getting out on a nice day and washing the car just to clear your head and focus on something that isn’t work.

If you feel we missed something or want to join the conversation, drop a comment below, we appreciate the time you’ve taken to read this.

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