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Stock and standard Hot Hatches are great little cars that can give you some great drives and a lot of joy and pleasure, but what’s if they were that little bit more crazy, a little bit faster, what about the super hatchback?

Also known as a hyper hatch, the super hatch offers levels of performance beyond the capabilities of your hot hatch level, even from standard, so just imagine the power you could extract from an already powerful car.

This post will go over what makes a super hatch, whether you can turn a hot hatch into a super hatch and a list of cars you can buy today that will get you straight into fast territory.

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What Makes A Super Hatch?

A super hatch is essentially a hyper hatch, like a super car, only with a hatchback. A hatchback is what it says on the tin, a car with a boot that opens upwards, similar to a saloon but the whole back opens up. Hatchbacks are great for practicality as you can put the back seats down and add extra space.

To class a hatchback as super or hyper, you need to add a bit of power, well, quite a lot of power, we would say anything over 300bhp and that goes 0-60 in under 5 seconds. Most engines in today’s super hatch era are over a 2.0 litre and contain a turbocharger.

These cars are powerful, fun and still practical and most modern hatchbacks come in 5 doors with plenty of room for family’s, a bit of compromise for you and your partner. A super hatch can be quite expensive though unfortunately and most of them are over £20k or even £30k.

Can You Heat Up A Hot Hatch?

It’s a bit controversial to say that you can turn a regular hot hatch with around 200bhp into a super hatch because if you do push 300bhp, then it’s not going to be standard anymore, but if you are over 300bhp from standard, that classes as a super / hyper hatch.

Although most hot Hatches such as the Fiesta ST, Audi S1 or VW Golf GTi can quite easily break the 300bhp threshold and then some, they shouldn’t be classed as a super / hyper hatch, just a really well tuned hot hatch car with bags of power.

This is only the same if you tune a super hatch, because if you do so, the power increase will skyrocket and the hot hatch still won’t be able to keep up. Making the super hatch some crazy devilish hyper car supercar killer. But it’s still not classed as a hyper car!

Why Buy A Super Hatch?

Let’s face it, they are fun toys, loads of grunt, loads of speed but also pretty practical cars. They are perfect for those that don’t have to travel too far or just want a fun weekend. The super Hatches of today are all pretty practical and a lot of them aren’t as bad on fuel as you might think.

The average MPG for the likes of an Audi RS3 still might be higher than that of a Golf R because of its displacement, there might also be technology differences, which make one car more economical. But cars like the Golf R have been known to get a top end mpg of 40 and a low end of 28 mpg.

But it’s not all about how practical they are or how much fuel you can get out of one, they are just fun, fast cars that have huge tuning potential, quick on the road and give you plenty of thrills for an affordable price. I think it’s needless to say they tick all the boxes and there is no reason anyone shouldn’t buy one, but what cars are super hatches?

A List Of The Top Super Hatches

Super Hatches come in different brands of car, from Mercedes to Ford to Honda and all these cars on this list are under a 6 second 0-60. Most of them are relatively affordable and there is something for everyone.

  • Ford Focus RS – needless to say the Mk2 And mk3 easily fall into this bracket and are popular among car enthusiasts. Especially the Mk2 as it will soon become a collectors item.
  • VW Golf R – the Golf R is a very fun exciting car with a huge pop culture, the dubs are a top super hatch and are highly practical family cars with a decent return on your fuel bill.
  • Mercedes A35 / A45 – both are silly fast cars and with their exhaust farts between shifts, makes the drive a bit more of an experience!
  • Audi S3 / RS3 – the RS3’s 2.5 turbo is a beautiful sounding engine and with it being the fastest super hatch at 0.60 in 4.3 seconds it’s a car not to be forgotten.
  • BMW M135i / M140i – This BMW packs a punch for a small BMW, although they look quite standard they are more than ordinary.
  • Honda Civic Type R GT – bordering the super hatch bracket, it is still a little slow being not quite in the under 5 seconds, it’s still over 300bhp and with a top speed of 165!
  • Subaru WRX STI Hatchback – one you probably didn’t think of is the Subie, with a bhp of 330bhp and a 0-60 of 4.4 seconds, it’s a fast car with an awesome engine!

These cars are all brilliant affordable, fast and fun. Bang for your buck, these are perfect but it’s not me you have to convince.

Would You Own One?

Well, would you? We’ve established a super hatch isn’t as bad on fuel as you think (considering you don’t drive like a pleb), they come in family 5 doors with loads of room, they are affordable and bags of fun. What’s not to love about a car that can sit you back in your seat?

If you liked this post, drop a comment below or find us on social media and share the love of cars, tell us what car you’d buy and why. We love to hear from you guys!

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