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The S2000 is, believe it or not is probably a bit more of an icon for this site than first anticipated. We originally just designed this site for stanced and slammed cars. But after some chatting the iconic modified Honda s2000 from the home page is what’s made us stand out.

That being said, it makes sense to buy an s2000, modify it ourselves and wrap it in Boost And Camber vinyl. We intend to write blog posts throughout the build process and keep everyone informed on social media.

Disclosure: Posts on BoostAndCamber include ads and affiliate links where if a sale is concluded through the links, BoostAndCamber receive a small commission at no cost to yourself to help with the running of the site.

Why An S2000?

A little history about Honda is that when producing their first cars, they were informed they had to produce a 4 seater economic family car. Honda did not do this and released 2 seater roadsters known as the s500. With this being said Honda flipped the bird to everyone and it payed off.

It’s the same for us here, we were told not to start a slammed car blog because it’s pointless, no one will read it, no one will be interested, that modified cars aren’t a thing anymore. Look around, there are tonnes of them and we believe the s2000 represents OUR bird flip to those who told us not to bother.

Plus it looks and sounds super awesome!

We really think that if we create a project that you can all back and you can all see the story behind that we can all have something to chat about and focus on in today’s world.

Buying Our Car

So in order to project a car, we need a project car in the first place. We know what car we want, but it’s finding the right one.

One thing we don’t need to worry about is color as it will be getting wrapped with our logo and decals.

We will probably be looking for the following criteria

  • GT model
  • Full leather
  • Clean with no rust, age related marks
  • Low ish mileage
  • Hardtop

Other than them specifics, we aren’t really too bothered as long as it runs smooth and looks clean. It will be getting an overhaul anyway to get it running to the best of its ability as it will be the face of a brand.

Performance Mods

Performance isn’t the main factor here as it’s all about the stance. The car already has plenty of power to weight and sounds amazing from stock.

But seen as this is BOOST And CAMBER, it will most likely be getting some form of boost, turbo or supercharger. Then obviously air intakes, stainless steel exhausts and so forth.

Other than that the general power output for this car will be plenty sufficient for going to shows and going on cruises around the UK to promote the brand.

Exterior Mods

Now the exterior is a far more intricate piece of work. We will probably start with air ride from AIR TECHNIK. After the air ride is installed, it’s a matter of changing the alloys for something not too big, but with a wide offset to give a wide stance.

As the wheels will be wide and cambered, the body kit will need to be installed. Something like a Liberty Walk or Rocket Bunny. Either way a wide body kit needs to be installed.

Then as time goes on, any bodywork imperfections will need cleaning up. This means fixing dents, scratches and other things wrong with the body.

All that done and the stance looking absolutely on point, we really want to add some of our own flavor to promote the brand.

Designing The Wrap

So, we’ve serviced the engine, the stance is on and looking sick. Now it’s down to finishing the project! We will need a bit of help with the design, we will branch out closer to the time, but a strong bright vibrant color s2000 with high polished wheels will look the business.

The wrap will incorporate some other brands we are working with and probably have a little mascot, we aren’t sure yet. All we know is it will be a complete transformation with bright colours, big lettering and branded to the nines!

If you are into your designing and want to throw in some input into the design, feel free to email us on the email at the bottom of this page, we would love to hear from you.

S2000 Merchandise

If you quite fancy the S2000 and want to tell everyone just like us, why not check out the links on the pictures below! We are looking to create our own brand of clothing in the future but these are what we wear out in public until we get stocked up.

To buy an S2000 T-shirt click this link

To buy an S2000 hoodie click this link
If you have any input into designs for our clothing line, we would love to hear from you, you can get in touch via my email at

The Face Of Boost And Camber

The Honda S2000 is And will be the face of our brand and we will be bringing it to shows so you will know who and where we are. The car will more than likely have its own Instagram and be plastered everywhere.

So follow this space, we are going to be doing this build. Keep up to date and keep following the Boost And Camber S2000 on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

We also would like to know a good name for this car, every car needs a name and same goes for our project, so drop a comment below letting us know what you think he / she should be called.


Founder of Boost And Camber

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