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So you’re interested in kitting out that old stereo from that old CD player to something a little modern, but you don’t want to spend a fortune? The Sony Xavax1000 offers that for you!

With its sleak design and easy to use, this is probably the best option for you if you’re already scrimping for you’re insurance renewal but still want to get maps on you’re dash. As we all know, Sony come out with some fantastic technology that really does show in this stereo system.

This 6.4” inch double din radio with Bluetooth is really worth its money if you’re looking to add more features to you’re prize possession. If you’ve already done some research you might already know it averages 4”/5 stars with design and functionality being its top qualities.

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So how much will this set me back?

What Do You Mean Budget?

To say these come with sat nav, Bluetooth and apple carplay / android, which most modern cars still don’t offer unless you spend thousands on the privilege, this is an affordable option.

On Amazon right now the prices vary but for the ones I have seen, these are the options available to you

If you want to check them out further click the links and see which one suits you more.

Personally for me, I don’t have a lot of cash, but I like the bigger screen, so I would probably go down the middle on this one and just play a digital radio through my phone. Better yet, just play Spotify.

When you compare it to some of its competitors, it does come up a bit cheaper, but you’re not losing out on quality, like you would with a cheaper option.

What Can It Do?

As described, it comes with

  • Apple carplay
  • Android compatible
  • Bluetooth
  • Upto a 6.4”” screen
  • DAB ( if you pay for the privilege)

This means when you connect you’re phone you can access all you’re normal features of you’re phone, including the Sat Nav, hands free calls and so on. Maybe best not to play angry birds while you’re driving, unless you want an angry bird sat next to you.

Is It A Good Upgrade?

For the sake of a nice birthday or Christmas present or that bonus you got at work, I would say it is. You spend a lot of time in you’re car and you want something nice to show for it, no point struggling with that cassette player anymore, get it upgraded and join the 21st century.

The market for new stereos is still rather massive and everything I talk about on this site is something I have previously used or am using today, I don’t recommend anything to you that I don’t see fit for purpose myself. But yes, this is a good upgrade. I would say it’s better than forking out for a new car with the same technology.

How Can I Buy One?

There are a multitude of places to buy one and the best place I’ve seen on the internet so far is Amazon, they come up the cheapest so far with the prices described above. You can check them out in the links and the picture below. If you’re on Amazon prime you can also have it delivered faster. Who doesn’t like getting what they payed for the same day?

Personally I know I’m safe with Amazon. I’ve bought plenty from them over the years and if I’ve ever had a problem you can just post items back for either a replacement or a refund.


Bluetooth Compatible: Yes

Front AUX: No

Made for iPod: No

MP3: Yes

Rear Aux input: No

Screen Size: 6.4”-inch

USB: Yes

CD Player: No

DIN size: Double

DVD Player: No

Preouts: 3

Radio Function: AM/FM

Remote Control Included: No

SD Card Slot: No

Stalk adapter compatible: Yes

If You Need Help

Don’t panic! If you are struggling to fit you’re new toy, there is loads of help out there for you. Including YouTube tutorials, Wikipedia, Facebook groups within you’re car brand and me. I will gladly help anyone who is struggling. So if you have any questions you can drop a comment below or you can email me on

I hope this helped you make an informed decision and you’re now fiddling with wires in you’re dash. Thanks for reading.

All the best


Founder of Boost And Camber

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