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Being different is always important in car culture and the stance guys of the world, trying to find something that hasn’t been done yet. Earlier today I was scouring the Internet and came across a Slammed Range Rover sport. It’s something I had never seen before.

Have you ever wondered if stance looks good on a luxury SUV? No me neither, never crossed my mind, until I saw one and I fell in love. Something about big luxury car crossed with stance just works really well.

In this post we will talk about what wheels work well with a slammed Range Rover, what body kit looks best and why would anyone want to slam a Range Rover in the first place.

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Stance The Luxury

Something that’s not out the normal is slamming luxury car. It’s a really big thing to slam the luxury. Although they are normally old Mercedes, Lexus And Toyota Crowns, it’s a little strange to be doing something bigger and more modern.

Either way, luxury stance / VIP stance has its own movement and it’s something a lot of people are into, even Jordan from slammeduk has a stanced out Audi R8. So luxury cars do have that good look when slammed.

So stancing a Range Rover is just really doing the same thing on a bigger scale on a bigger budget. To be fair to Range Rover, they do use air ride too! So that’s most of the work done for you before you’ve considered your wheel setup.

What Wheels Look Good

Range Rovers come with air suspension, which is a great start to the stance as you can air out and get it all the way down, although some people have tweaked the ride to go lower or even added custom air lift performance parts, just to get the lows they want.

So if the car is sitting just right, it just need the right offset and wheel size to really make it pop and stand out from the crowd. If you own a Range Rover or want one consider these wheels when upgrading your setup.

  • 22” Vossen CVT
  • 22” / 24” Forgiato Wheels
  • 24” Giovanna Kilis

All these wheels make the Range Rover really stand out. If your going to buy a big meaty SUV, you might as well go big and meaty on the wheels too and make a statement on the road.

Adding A Wide Body

The natural curves of the Range Rover and the edges are a good look for the car, they’re what make the car stand out and look assertive on the road, so naturally adding a wider stance and more aggressive look to the car will make the Range Rover look more bad ass.

The most popular body kit for the Range Rover seems to be the Liberty Walk, which gives the car a much wider, sharper look and generally more aggressive stance. Liberty walk make kits for all sorts of models of cars and are by far one of the best kits you can buy for added stance.

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, then there are the xclusive body kits, which give the Range Rover a big chunky front end and a well-rounded, smoother finish to the body, but still adding a beefy look.

Adding a wide body isn’t for everyone, but they can really add a bit more depth to the already monstrous Range Rover Sport And give it more presence on the road.

Why Slam A Range Rover?

The question is why not? Slamming any car is just a love / hate kind of game, there’s always going to be someone that has something to say about any car you modify. It shouldn’t stop anyone from doing what they think looks good. It’s all about creativity and we shouldn’t knock it.

Not to mention the old luxury car (VIP stance) that get modified have their place and as more and more people are buying SUV’s because they either need it to support their family life or to just look like a baller, then why not merge stance life onto your big beefy Range Rover?

Eh, either way, I think they look good and whoever is doing something a big unique and different should be praised because to stand out takes balls. So stance / slam whatever car you want and make it the coolest, meanest looking thing you can.

Being Unique

It’s all about being unique in this game and it’s not everyday you see a slammed out, wide bodied, big wheeled Range Rover.

So if you have a Range Rover, do some unique stuff to it. If you don’t have a Range Rover and want to do something different like the pictures on this post, keep in mind a used Range Rover can cost in the region of £3,000 to £160,000.

So don’t let anything hold you back from doing what you want. If you like what we talk about, drop us some comments below, we appreciate hearing from you guys. You can also find us on all social media and find our hashtag #boostandcamber.

All the best


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