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Also known as North Coast 500, this route goes around a scenic route of Scotland, starting at Inverness Castle and ending at Inverness Castle. Even though most of us can’t take our pride and joys to the real Route 66, we can still cruise around Scotland Route 66 as it is still in this country and doesn’t require a long travel to get there in the first place.

What our plan is at Boost And Camber is to create a worlds largest cruise around the Route 66 with Stanced / Modified cars. The aim of the game is to not only bring people together but to all share an experience and see some fantastic parts of our country whilst still sharing our passion for cars.

Whether you’re 18 or 35, family or bachelor, let’s all get joined in, get a following and make this happen in the future. This may require some planning and time but with your help and suggestions, we can make it happen.

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516 Miles Of Fun

Yes, it’s a long way, it’s going to be fun, difficult, tiring, probably raining, but it’s a fun challenge. Everyone enjoys a road trip,  especiallly in our modified cars, something to show off I guess. But the excitement of visiting new places is pretty tantalising as we drive through Scotland’s picturesque roads.

The main fun will more than likely be when we make the scheduled stops and we all meet up for coffee and chats. Or if your’re not a family man unlike myself, you could hit some bars and grab a beer.

It’ll be kind of like a week of shows and events all over Scotland, just to showcase what we are all about. But if you have anything to add please let me know in comments below or Facebook us.

A picture of the Route is below but if you need more details you can find them here at this link.

A Week Of Cruising

What a perfect way to spend a week off work? Driving cars, drinking coffee and checking out the Scotland scenery. Imagine having a week just sharing your passion for modified cars and getting some sick photo opportunity spots, meeting new people and getting some inspiration for a new project or modification.

I know a lot of us are riding coilovers, myself include and the ride quality sometimes sucks and our bums will be numb, but I’m sure if we take it steady, don’t rush, enjoy the ride, we can all make sure we are comfortable all week.

If there is enough interest and we grow a following, this may become a yearly thing, we surely hope so. We will start planning in the year / years to come so keep an eye out on posts for this.

I don’t expect you all to tent it though, as I have a small family of my own, we will be hotel staying, we will plan the hotel stops closer to the time. If you are tenting it, don’t forget your roof box with all your essentials as this isn’t going to be a quick trip.

That means bringing plenty of detailer to keep your car looking mint if we do a mid route show.

Gumball3000 Of Slammed Cars

I’ve always admired he Gumball3000 with all the beautiful luxury cars, the crowds of people, the excitement. But never been able to go and with the UK being sort of limited for such plans and ideas, I really wanted to start one for us passionate few that value our cars.

Driving as a pack with 100’s of lowered rides really is a dream. Just remember 2Fast and 2Furious when they broke out of the garages and 100’s of cars went in all directions. That’s the dream.

Although we might not have the lambos and the Bugatti’s, we have heart and some pretty impressive cars, something we’re all proud of and surely something we can make a statement with. so let’s all get involved and make it something we can all be proud of.

Why Plan Such A Big Trip

It really isn’t about the miles per gallon, it’s the smiles per gallon. We’re all here for a good time, all here to connect with each other and enjoy what we do in the process. I love driving, love cars and family time. So what better way than to share that experience with other like minded people who want to share an experience?

I want to create something we can all enjoy and remember for a lifetime and potentially do every year to create a bond and partnerships. Just like Ford do the Isle of Wight takeover every year, we want to rule the North Coast with all the boost we can get!

It’s not going to be easy and it’s going to take time to get a following, but it’ll be rewarding in the long run.

Tag Along

We really do want to share the passion and we would love everyone to come along for a cruise. Whether you have slightly modified golf or a highly modified Audi RS5, bring it along, we all love to share and get involved.

Don’t forget to bring one of these

If you are interested, drop a comment, find us on Facebook and drop a message, like this post, or Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.

This isn’t going to be a next week job, but it is a plan for the future, so why not be a part of the original crew, so we can look back and say, ‘we’ve done this every year since it started‘.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates


Founder of Boost And Camber

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