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Right guys, my last few posts have been a little off topic and more to do with the detailing of your cars, to keep them on top shape for the next show. But why haven’t I mentioned Fitment yet? Well in this blog I’m going to post to you about Rotiform Wheels and why their style appeals to us.

When I first got on the car scene I had no idea where to go. Where to buy my wheels, what styles there were, the different types of wheel, offsets, and rim size. Nothing.

So in this post I’m going to try to discuss a very popular brand and how they have revolutionized the wheel market and what type of wheels are out there. Giving you a better insight to the vast choices and helping you pick from some of the most outstanding wheels on the market.

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A Little About Rotiform

Founded by Brian Henderson and Jason Whipple back in 2009, they created a new outstanding brand coming straight out of SoCal. Because of their growing popularity, 6 years in they were bought out by MHT luxury wheels, who helped project their business and kept them on as the lead for the business.

Since then they have been producing hand built in shop forged alloy wheels. These wheels are made with aluminium 6061 and are designed, milled, machined, assembled, everything in house in the USA. Which is pretty awesome and they bring a lot of uniqueness to the wheel game.

A lot of their processes aren’t out there for everyone to know about, they keep it all under wraps, but what we do know is although they take inspiration from other wheel companies, they are all completely their own designs and like to bring out a new line once a year.

So what types of wheels do they produce?

The Range

They don’t just produce “an alloy wheel”. For all of you reading this I’m sure you’ve all heard the phrases 2 piece, 3 piece, aerodisc. So I’m going to try and give you some options to think about then drop a link below to check out some of the different types of wheels

Forged Monoblock – these are created from “one piece” of aluminium, forged and milled on a CNC machine to create different styles. Being made of forged aluminium, they are the lightest option for alloy wheels and are a lot stronger, making them more reliable and give better acceleration. Making these perfect for race cars on the track.

Multipiece Forged – These can be found in either 2 or 3 pieces of forged 6061 aluminium. They are hand crafted and assembled together. Not quite as strong as the monoblock, they are more aesthetic as they come in some really unique and different styles and colours and can really make a car pop.


Flat – being as described, if you look at these side on, they are flush all along. Most standard alloys use this method.

Concave – These bow in to the center of the wheel a bit like a bowl. They look a lot different from a flat and really stand out. They can get super aggressive the more concave or “deep dish” you go.

Either way, whatever you chose will be your way and bring out the best in your style and make your car your own design. Just check out the pictures uploaded! They really do stand out. My personal favourites would be a 3 piece concave multispoke, but check them all out and see what suits your car best.

Why Choose Rotiform?

I have no other words than outlined in the previous chapters.

  • They are unique and use inspiration from other top brands.
  • They have 100’s of styles and more variations.
  • They have a huge following.
  • The multi piece are all created in house
  • They just look cool and bring the best out of any car
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Made out of aluminium 6061

So really there is no downside to buying a set. They really do have a choice for everyone and every car. You could even set some up on an old s-class and these would pop. You could even put these on your grans old polo and they would bring it to the future.

Where Can I Buy These?

Took you long enough to ask! I had no idea where to get something like this till I discovered I could buy anything online (about 3 years ago, I live a sheltered life). But the only place I would get them is off the VividRacing website. They offer some very competitive prices and brilliant customer feedback.

Just check them out in the link below and get configuring your own set of roti’s right now!

I wouldn’t skimp on these though, just like you wouldn’t skimp on your own shoes. These are pretty much what turn a £500 car into a £10,000 car, giving it the bling.

These guys also offer a finance option to make them more affordable. For those that think finance killed the game, I think it made it better as we can now afford the things we want sooner and really do crazy things with the tools we got.

Reppin’ Rotiform

Share your experience with Rotiform with us by tagging us on Instagram @boost_and_camber or drop an email to get your photos loaded onto our website or Instagram. #reppinrotiform #boostandcamber

We take pride in you guys, so let’s keep the chat going. Comment below to discuss anything wheel related and we will chat about anything related. If you want to see anything different give us some thoughts, we are going to look at expanding our brand and rolling out merch and events in the future. Be part of the community.

Roll out!


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