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Have you ever been so intrigued by something that you can’t help but wonder why you’re thinking about it. That’s the Rocket Bunny Kit for me. I was sat googling one day at cars I can’t afford and this Subaru BRZ popped up with a really wide body kit. It confused me, so I looked into it deeper and found it had a bolt on body kit specifically made for the car.

I honestly though body kits were a thing of the past till I saw this. Then I saw a Pandemic Porsche, low and wide. It got me thinking that this is a thing. But I don’t recall seeing or hearing much about rocket bunny kits. So I looked around at videos of fitting them.

I instantly fell in love with the style but it’s not to everyone’s taste, some people just think it’s offensive and that’s fine, it’s your opinion. I just think they are unique, they make the car far from stock and just give them that better low and wide look.

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What Is A Rocket Bunny?

Rocket bunny body kits were created by Japan’s Kei Miura. These body kits are made for a selection of cars, so don’t be offended if there isn’t one for your model. These body kits are designed to fit straight onto the wheel arch to give the car a wider stance.

Kei Miura also created the Pandem, which seems to be a slightly different style with sharper edges and lines rather than the rocket bunny which gives a nice smooth look.

Cars that are well known for the rocket bunny are the gt86 / brz / frs, 350z among a couple of others. But although these kits might look great, like most changes you make to your car, there is a bit of modifying involved, but we will get to that later.

What’s The Fascination?

As I mentioned, these body kits make the car look wide, but as with the stance look, they also make them look lower, making these ideal for anyone looking to give their car a lower look even if they can’t go any lower.

The main point of these kits is to stand out and if you’ve ever seen one in person, that’s what you’ll do. No one has ever looked at a wide body car and completely dismissed it. You just notice it. And hey, all press is good press whether haters be hating or someone’s snapping for instagrams or blogs like this.

I think the ultimate goal for a good rocket bunny is to make sure the extended arches fit well with the wheels. If not, it’s just not going to look right, so when your getting the Fitment right, make sure you’re working your maths too.

What I really like and what most people enjoy is just the smooth look that really makes a car look flush.

Are These A UK Thing?

Not intentionally, but they are growing internationally regardless. If you’ve ever been to a car show like Gravity or FittedUK, you’ll notice the cars have a wider body. Although these are all amazing pieces of art, a lot of them aren’t daily driven and kept away for the next show.

This is why we don’t see that many rolling the streets as much as we would like, especially if your in Yorkshire. Although the trend is taking off massively, it’s just something no one thinks possible when modifying a car. It’s usually wheels and suspension. But to get the best look, you’ve got to go widebody!

So yes the UK is taking on this rocket bunny / wide body look, but you gotta go to the shows to appreciate it. Check out the link here for SlammedUK’s next events.

Want one of your own, a quick google search will find you plenty of kits out there, just make sure you find someone reputable to fit it, because of this next part.

So I Have To Cut Up My Car?

Unlike other modifications, this is one you’re really going to have to grow some balls with. Understand that to get that look that makes a massive difference, you’re going to have to do some scary stuff, like cut up your arches.

Unfortunately it’s something you’ve got to go through to make it work, but without sacrifice, there is no victory.

The reason you need to cut them is because the arches are so wide now, the previous arches are still going to be where they are underneath, meaning if your wheels are further past the previous arches and your cars low, it’s going to rub and cause serious problems in the long run.

It’s not all bad though because your car will look sick, different and you’ll feel more connected to your ride. It’s just one of those mods you can’t reverse, so you need to be in it for the long run.

Rocket Bunnies For Everyone!

Honestly, I want to see more of these, I like the look, it’s a shame all the commute cars you see are big standard Mercedes A180 or Audi A3. We need more customisation and diversity because this country has slowly started to make everyone conform to the norm and where is the fun in that.

Break free of the norm and let’s all be a little different. I dare you. If you’ve got the dosh and they make the kits, get one stuck on, you won’t be disappointed with the results. Then bring it to a show and get people involved in your story.

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