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Is it just me or is there a distinct lack of good car designs nowadays? Everything seems to have the same design and once you’ve seen one car, you’ve seen them all. Until you come across some old modified car at a car show or just driving around, they were the cars!

Whatever happened to the sharp designs and the lack of power steering? Where are the Sierras, Minis, e30’s and the likes of the old Mercedes 300e AMG.

In this post we will go over what a Retro Car Is, then the 5 reasons why we need to revive the Retro stance cars and bring them into the 21st century.

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What Is A Retro Car?

Retro cars are obviously something of the past, the cars that were sold and moved on but never forgotten. Some were scrapped, crushed or broken for parts, while others were kept for sentimental reasons, for the love of cars or investments.

Our understanding of what a Retro car is, is a car that is older than 20 years old and has either been discontinued or had several remodels come out over the years.

Retro cars tend to have a bit of character about them, something new cars or modern cars don’t seem to have, a sort of charm that makes you just love them, even if their lack of ABS and traction control create hair-raising events, they are all just part of the fun.

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1. A Lack Of Technology

Most old cars seem to have a mega lack of technology, in fact the most technology you might squeeze out of an old car might be a cassette player (for you young ones, it plays music), or even electric windows.

Their lack of electrical appliances and other equipment isn’t a bad thing though. Don’t you hate when you get in a modern car to be greeted by another warning light or tire pressure monitoring system flashing on your dash?

You wouldn’t get that in an old car, they will have some electrical components, but nothing like today. This means there is less to go wrong, theoretically.

But as we know, cars do break, but the great thing about the old cars were they were easier to diagnose and fix. Just take out the part that’s broken and replace it, no fiddling with computers and wires, just an engine, 4 wheels and a steering wheel.

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2. Modern Modifications

Modern parts crossed with old cars just works for some reason. Upgrading the old and bringing in the new will inevitably bring a new lease of life on an old car and make it much more durable, not only that but we can put our own spin on things, adding new styles, creating something unique.

Some things that have been done include new dashes that have sat nav, air suspension, stainless steel exhaust systems and even modern engine swaps!

There has even been old retro cars that have been converted into electric cars, being powered by Tesla engines. Something a little different, but still bringing retro cars into a new light.

3. Sexier Cars

Modern cars are undoubtedly starting to lose their edge as they all redesign over each other. The new 1 series looks like a mk4 Focus, all SUV’s look like a Kia Sportage, there’s just no style, it’s just jelly moulds.

The older cars were designed with sharp edges and boxy looks, which gave the eye something to wander over. Even the old Lamborghini Countach or GMC Deloreon with their sleek but sharp looks drew that much attention, they looked like something the future would look up to.

Their sexy designs have left a mark on most people, place an old mk1 Escort alongside it’s modern day replacement, the mk4 Focus and I know which I’d pick, and I’d enjoy every bum twitching moment from RWD Escort!

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4. They’re Going Up In Price

Something that might not be new to you, but as anything becomes rarer and harder to get a hold of, the more the worth. Same goes for cars and as more old cars are replaced by new modern cars, their value rises.

Cars eventually break down, people get fed up and want the latest toys, it’s normal, but as their old car is being crushed, Geoff’s old e30 BMW is increasing because that’s another one off the road, making his car rarer.

So as time is going on and the retro cars become more scarce but more in demand, their value is rising, perfect for the collectors of the world!

5. They Are Just Cool

Old modified cars are just cool. No word about it, just, they have a coolness factor that no modern car can take away. Their looks, charm and raspy exhausts just give them a cool factor or sub-zero.

Even those standard cars, like the big standard Fiestas have that retro look that can’t be beaten. Throw on a set of coilovers and some nice wheels and you’ll make a cool car even cooler and also bring it into the future, helping it last a lot longer.

We can all appreciate a good old modified car, the retro stance seems to be very in. Even young lads that weren’t born in 1992 are buying 1998 VW Polo’s and slamming them to the ground! We applaud anyone that does!

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I think it’s safe to say, old modified cars are the future! They’re a perfect example of what a real car feels like without all the stability controls, the airbag in some cases, just the pure thrill of driving.

So get out there and get investing into something like an old retro car and get throwing some new wave parts on it to bring it to life!

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