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Over the years, modified cars are becoming more and more scarce on the roads of Britain. It’s all about kids in Mercedes and Audi’s. To me buying the latest toy that cost £20k and stuck a splitter kit on it just isn’t big enough for modified cars in the UK.

Don’t get me wrong, I love an Audi, I’m a car guy, I love all brands and appreciate everything, but I believe if you’re going to modify to stand out, do it and screw the haters. I get sick of hearing and seeing “why would you do that to a perfectly nice car?” Or “that car looks stupid, why spend all that money?”.

These issues aren’t just a coincidence or have they just started, they have always been around, people criticize over everything so what can we do to bring this game back because if I’m honest, i miss driving past a totally awesome modified car and giving the nod.

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Finance Didn’t Kill The Game

Let’s get this straight, I don’t like hearing this one, finance did not kill the game. If you think having more available money in your pocket to create something amazing is bad, you’re wrong. Having more money can only improve everything you do to your car.

The country has pushed us to lend money and our country might be struggling with financial situations, but it’s not the main cause, we just don’t know how to handle money. That’s on us, we are never taught how to deal with money. I say let’s spend it on things we enjoy and have a fun life, just make sure whatever you lend or save, you can afford to pay it back.

Besides, most people don’t lend as much as you think, a lot of people still save a percentage of their wage and avoid finance, just because their parents tell them finance is bad. Over lending is bad, but if you want £10,000 in 5 years and save £200 a month to do it, why not have your £10,000 now and pay it off for 5 years, same difference.

It’s what you do with the money that kills the game. Go out and buy a banger of a VDub drop it on air and stick a sick wrap on it, that’s cool. Use it to buy a bottom of the line GT86, with no mods and take it to one meet, that’s killing the game. Money is money whether you save it or lend it, if you buy a hot hatch do something cool with it, if you buy a roadster, be unique, be original and have fun doing it.

Inspiration, Inspiration, Inspiration

Another big reason the modified cars are slowly disappearing is because there is no one leading the way, just a few guys on YouTube with hot hatches and doing car reviews. It’s not the same. If you want to see some mint modified cars in the UK check out Officially Gassed or Jamie FYD on YouTube. These guys get to review some of the top cars in and around the UK.

Inspiration doesn’t just have to come from YouTube though, I find a lot of stuff on Google, Facebook pages, some old max power magazines help too and not just the dirty bits.

If you need true inspiration, go to a car meet, look at what people are doing, follow people on Instagram and their build projects, they will be already putting in some dream work. Just take some inspiration and think of ways to improve or make something a little better or different.

Hell even under glow lights were a thing once and people loved them! Interior lighting now comes standard on most modern cars! So why not do something different, it might become a thing in the future. Be inspired, take something and make it different, make it your own.

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It’s Not All About The Latest Model

For me this goes without saying, the latest model cars are nice, but nothing beats having no airbags and no power steering, we die like real men.

I know I can’t say a lot about that, I daily drive a 2016 Focus ST, but I also own other old Fords, I’ve owned old Vdubs, driven everything else under the sun and from my experience, it doesn’t have to be the latest model to have character.

For me newer cars lack a certain character, I’ve always said if it came down to selling this ST to go back into my old rusty Ford, I’d have to get a warmer jumper as the heating doesn’t work in the old girl. Not to mention, if you buy a cheaper car with no mod cons, you have more money for mods. Just sayin’

If it’s all about looking flash and baller, I have news for you, most modern cars are that common, Lucy the hairdresser who is on £7 an hour is probably driving the same car. I bet she’s not rocking a bagged 2003 s-class though! Those things do look baller and cost a lot less!

You’ll also find with most modern cars might look great but their selection of mods aren’t as big as older cars because they haven’t had as long to develop and perfect. You’ll find you’ll probably have a better selection with an older car, maybe even a more modern look available for an older car, keeping it looking up to date but having a unique look.

Let’s Bring Modified Cars Back

Come on guys!! Where you at! I don’t see these modified beasts rolling the streets no more. I see a lot of Fiat 500’s and BMW 1 series, but I dont see anything outstanding. It’s getting to the point that if I see a car with a little stripe on the front, it’s classed as modified. Shame.

Let’s all get inspired, do something nuts and get driving and enjoying what you’ve worked on. If you’re scared of what people will say, screw em, don’t let the haters win. Just do what you love and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Bullying is not cool, it’s weakness. If you are that weak you have to pick on someone else’s hard work and vision and pick holes in people’s dreams to bring them down to make you feel good, you are a terrible person.

Don’t get me wrong, opinion is great, offer your thoughts on how to improve or change, but don’t dictate, bully and tell people they are wrong. No one is wrong, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We don’t do this for the love of approval, we do it for the love of cars.

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Got An Idea? Bring It!

If you’re nervous or worried about what people are going to think about your car mods or you haven’t got the flashiest car, don’t worry. Just remember that us guys at Boost And Camber appreciate all cars! In fact one of our lads has a deep obsession for the Vauxhall Nova!

Anything you need to ask or want to talk about, drop us a comment below or find us on Facebook and get chatting, we are here for anyone’s that wants to talk. We are huge supporters of TheCALMzone, a charity dedicated to depression and helping people who don’t feel they can talk out.

Remember we are here for you.


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