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A car that is overlooked, something of pure beauty, shadowed by the likes of the Subaru, the GTR, The Supra. The Evo is in its own rights just as good as all these cars, if not better and we think the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 was the best looking Evo of the lot.

Controversial as this might sound, there is no right or wrong answer, all Evos are cool, they always have been and will continue to be cool long after petrol cars are abolished from the streets. Kids will tell tales of the legends that spat flames and roared through the streets.

But the future still has to wait because we’re still ripping it up in Evo’s and Skyline’s, so Tesla, you grim reapery bitch, just hold on a bit longer while we have our fun.

In this post we will get you up to speed on the Evo, the fitment industries so you want section, why the Evo 9 was the best shape and what to watch out for when you buy your own Evo!

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Up To Speed On The Evo

James Humphrey literally nails the history of the Evo in his Up To Speed series on YouTube, going through from the beginning in the 70’s through to its final demise in the Evo X, which really ended the Evo’s life.

He goes through from the Lancers rally background, the active YAW control, active Center differential, it’s appearance on Gran Turismo 1 + 2 (which were sick by the way) and it’s later appearances on movies like Fast and Furious.

The Evo 9 was so sick it had a station wagon edition, for all you sleeper nerds out there! But overall the car stood the test of time, showing super cars how it’s done, before eventually ending with the Evo X which didn’t follow the other Evo’s history and was like of like that little brother that was a really weird.

So You Want An Evo

Everyone’s gets the Lancer Evo craze, even our good friends at Fitment Industries who have given us a great insight into the Evo on this video below!

What Alex mentions in this video is how the car has really been one of the most popular cars of its time, squeezing in 10 generations in such a short amount of time, rising from the rally days against its competitors like the Subaru WRX.

He also talks about how the Evo’s engine is almost god like. The 4G-63 was something that everyone adored and has a boat load of tuning potential, making it quite simple to get to 400 ponies before having to do some internal work and modifications.

The video literally goes over everything you need to know about owning an Evo, from mpg’s to what you can do with one of these cars, which is literally anything.

Why Pick The 9?

This is personal Preference, there is no right of wrongness answer, except the best looking Evo is the 9. Everything was beautiful up to the 9, then the 9 had something they all had, but then a bit more aggression. Then there’s the X, but we don’t talk about that.

All the versions are amazing, they all carry the same 4 cylinder turbo (except the X, you suck Evo X), the 4g-6. This Superbad ass engine was known for its super tune ability and it’s power output, just imagine, if a GTR can out do a Lamborghini, the Lancer Can out do a GTR. *drops the mic*

But really the reason we love it is because of its aggressive lines, it’s resemblance to all its predecessors, it’s ability to drag, drift, track, stance, it’s just an awesome looking car.

What To Watch Out For

As far as Evo’s go they are quite a reliable car if well serviced, unmodified and driven by Miss Daisy. As much as I’m joking, I’m not. They are prone to some problems like AYC (active yaw control) pumps which corrode internally, just check to see if they have been replaced if the car has done some excessive mileage.

Another one to avoid would be anything with turbo issues, boost leaks, things in that area can get a bit pricey. Other than that it’s pretty much your normal stuff, tires, brakes, rust.

When looking for an Evo, the best things to avoid would be ones with high mileage, turbo issues, AYC that’s not been cared for and anything highly modified with no service history. As a highly modified example is going to have had a bit of a bad time, so you’ll want something fresh, a little impossible, but doable.

Which Evo Is Your Favourite?

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Happy Evo Day

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