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Technology is constantly improving and it doesn’t just stop with gadgets and cars, it also improves in the detailing world. One of the latest improvements that has taken the market by storm is Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Spray Wax. This wax has sold thousands across the world.

But what makes this new craze so special? Is ceramic spray wax really worth the money? Do you really need it in your daily routine? We tested Meguiars to see if it was really what they say it is and whether this quick method of waxing is as good as waxing with carnauba.

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What Brought Us To Meguiars?

Like most car enthusiasts, I like to keep my car shiny, deep and glossy and looking it’s best at all times, especially in the summer. But like a lot of people, I struggle to find the time to spend all day washing, polishing and waxing, never mind clay bar too, I save my full free days for that.

So I needed something that was going to be quick and easy to apply that didn’t require a lot of scrubbing, curing and prepping. Then I read about Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Spray Wax. At first, I was a little sceptical, I didn’t think something that sprayed on would do as good a job as me doing my wax on, wax off procedure.

It took me some persuading, but I eventually bought a bottle, it looked so simple, wash the car like normal, snow foam, rinse, shampoo, rinse, THEN add the spray wax, then rinse and dry. It seemed crazy and I didn’t think just spraying this wax on would have the same effect as carnauba wax.

Surely it couldn’t be as good as hand waxing?

Applying The Ceramic Wax

After receiving my bottle of Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Spray Wax, i thought it looked professional, it came in a well-designed bottle and the blue was really eye-catching. Perfect, but I wasn’t buying it to look at it on the mantelpiece.

So on the first good day I had to wash the car, I decided to get to it. Just note that I hadn’t waxed the car in over 4 months and was due a top up for winter. This gave me a perfect opportunity to try out the spray wax.

I got to work washing the car and did my normal routine, using my Nilfisk pressure washer, and washing it down with Meguiars Ultimate Car Wash and Wax, which I found the best for my car, then rinsing it off in preparation for the spray wax.

As it mentions, I only used a light misting, a quick spray on each panel at a time then rinse it off with the pressure washer, going around the car, the water was running off faster than normal, it surprised me!

It took a fraction of the time to go around the whole car, probably around about 30 minutes of less instead of a few hours and it didn’t break my arm to do it.

The Finished Results

After my scepticism and old school ways, I really didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know if it was going to just be a matter of another hype product that gave me a quick shine, then needed to be reapplied a week later.

None of this was the case. Meguiars had delivered an affordable, quick, easy to apply wax that had longevity and the ability to give me the same effects that a carnauba wax would give me, granted the bottle wouldn’t last as long as a hard wax, it was still half the price of my usual wax alternative.

Quality was my main concern and how long it would last, and so far so good that I have continued to use it on my other cars. The beading is next to none and it’s starting to slow down at around 4 months again but the weather has been bad, but other than that, for the time saved applying it, it’s held up extremely well.

Would I Recommend Meguiars?

I already do, I recommend this product to all my friends and family, they all take my advice as they’ve seen the way my car shines and this is one of my latest in my detailing cupboard.

If I had to rate it out of 10 I would say it’s a strong 9 / 10, only because it deprives me of feeling like I’ve worked hard for my mirror like finish, which kind of annoys me they didn’t invent this sooner.

I will probably still keep doing My carnauba wax routine twice a year, out of habit, but I will be continuing with Meguiars Spray Wax to keep on top of it on days I struggle for time and want to top up on my beading.

For the sake of around about £20 on Amazon, I strongly recommend adding this to your routine, it will save you time and give great results. You can buy it through our shop on this link here.


Everything being said, it’s a great product, car detailing products are moving in the right direction, offering speed and quality to save us time and time is money.

Meguiars are a product I trust and will be trying out any new products they release in the future.

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Happy detailing


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