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Coilovers are now one of the most popular car upgrade a car enthusiast can buy. Ask anyone at a show what their first upgrade choice will be and it’s probably going to be coilovers. But have you read about Maxpeedingrods Coilovers?

In this article I will try to give you a breakdown of the Maxpeedingrods Coilovers and why they are great value for money for both daily and track use, giving you affordable suspension.

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Why Choose Maxpeedingrods

Maxpeedingrods have been around a while, since 2006 to be precise, which gives them a fair bit of authority in the modified car scene. Having this kind of experience in the business gave them the time and opportunities to research and test all their products rigorously.

In this time, Maxpeedingrods have served over 3 million people with great testimonials and their own racing team and will take part of ARRC on behalf of China National Team. This racing team was established in 2019 and are proud to announce they cooperate with Tom Chilton, a top racer in the BTCC.

It’s not just the UK that Maxpeedingrods operate aswel, they have over 20 warehouses and over 500 staff members, all operating from countries all over the world, including the UK, Europe, USA and Asia.

They have a dedicated development research factory too, which has a soul purpose to push the boundaries of their products, to make sure that you are getting top quality products. This means countless man-hours and tonnes of resources go into developing only the best to go out on the shelf.

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Value And Quality

It’s no secret that Maxpeedingrods offer great value for their money, but to balance value with quality is another thing. The great thing about these are you get a good quality, well tested coilover without spending the money you would on something just as good with w bigger name like BC coilovers.

Because we know they are well tested and there are tonnes of reviews on these, we know they are a great trust worthy brand. The brand itself doesn’t get the recognition it probably deserves and trumps other budget options in the way they package and develop their products.

For half the price of a set of Eibachs, these also come with adjustable damping, which is a great thing if you are track driving or daily driving, giving you the best of both worlds.

Good For Daily and Track Use

One great thing about this brand is there is such a huge selection of cars these can be purchased for, which is sometimes an issue, you can never find the ones you need in a brand that’s worth it.

But because you can get these in such a wide variety of cars, you can get a set of coilover for any purpose. Whether you need them for your track car or you just want a good street setup for a daily driver.

The adjustable damping helps with a daily driver to allow you to have a smoother ride without feeling all the bumps the UK roads have to offer. On the flip side, they can be a lot firmer, which most people like for track use.

If you like firm track rides these are great and will really help you plant your car on the road with minimal roll. They are firm and forgiving in some of the toughest corners. But if you soften the damping you’ll get a nicer smoother more comfortable ride than you would with a lesser reputable brand.

Affordable Suspension

The only problem with coilover suspension is it can get pricey. The great thing about Maxpeedingrods is that they are affordable but you don’t lose out on performance.

Although the price range varies from car to car, you won’t expect to pay anymore than £600 for a set of coilovers and the highest end coilovers fit Porsche Cayenne, so you can see they are made for all cars at a great cost.

Why not try to find a set of coilovers for your car today on the link below and see how much your coilovers could save you compared to a more expensive brand!

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Treat Yourself

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your money and I haven’t seen anyone driving a Slammed polo not laughing his face off when he’s bottomed out on a drop curb. Why not do the things you want to do and get creating some great memories with your car today.

It’s not even about the car, it’s about who you do these things with. Invite a mate over, work together, build a relationship that will last, cars bring us all together. If you’re reading this and you’re struggling with mental health, just remember, there are people out there to help you and there is hope.

Let’s do this together and build some crazy stupid cars.

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