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Here at Boost And Camber we have been running a campaign to try to help individuals get themselves back on their feet during the hard times. We’ve started advertising magazines for depression in a bid to give some money to a charity and hopefully save a life.

We feel very strongly about people with mental health issues and we really want to do everything we can to help as many people as we can, because we all need a little help every so often, even if we don’t admit it.

If you feel like you’re struggling and need help, remember your not alone, we’re all here to help and no one wants to lose you. You matter. We are here for you.

Disclosure: Posts on BoostAndCamber include ads and affiliate links where if a sale is concluded through the links, BoostAndCamber receive a small commission at no cost to yourself to help with the running of the site.

How It Works

We’ve teamed up with to advertise their magazines and every time one of you lovely people buy yourself a magazine, whether it’s a single issue or a years subscription, the money we would normally receive goes to theCALMzone in order to help someone suffering.

Whether yourself or you know someone that’s having a hard time, you will get a magazine that you might already be buying and your money goes to a great cause.

We specifically chose magazines because they can be uplifting, have great content, keep your mind occupied and can inspire someone that might be having a hard time. Because reading is so good for your mental state, magazines just seemed the sensible option.

Not only that but the selection of magazines available to you is so enormous, you’ll definitely find something you like and something to help yourself and even someone else. If you pass on a magazine to someone that is struggling and that helps them, the flip side is the profits are going to the charity to possible help someone else too, helping 2 people from one purchase.

Who Sells The Magazines?

Boost And Camber aren’t the initial vendor for magazines, we are merely here to advertise. Pocket Mags are our vendor and they offer a wide variety of magazines to the public.

The way money is donated to TheCALMzone is you must go through one of Boost And Cambers links in order to make a purchase, so we know how much to donate. Once Pocket Mags have your order, they let us know how much to donate.

You can go to their website through THIS LINK HERE or click the picture below.

Click any of the magazine pictures in this article to take you to the Pocket Mags website.

What Magazines Are Available?

Don’t think there is a magazine for you? Click one of the magazine links and see for yourself. This website is specifically a car website and Pocket Mags have plenty of car related magazines available.

If you’re also someone who’s into fitness, they have a men’s fitness magazine. Into photography? They have tonnes of photography magazines. Want to do models of cars to pass the time? There’s that too.

The selection is massive and remember even if you’re not into magazines yourself but have a friend or family member that is struggling, they might want something along those lines or something different.

Some of the top magazines on Pocket Mags include:

  • Men’s health
  • Radio controlled car racer
  • Empire
  • Slimming world
  • How it works
  • National geographic traveller
  • Star Wars insider

As you can see, the selection for magazines is huge and you can easily get lost and spoilt for choice. There is literally something for everyone even if that person isn’t yourself.

Magazines and books are fantastic for the mind and could help spur someone on to take action in their life and help them through the tough times, whatever you might read.

How Much Goes To TheCALMzone?

Our charity of choice is TheCALMzone (campaign against living miserably), they offer professional help, a phone number you can call or a private web chat about anything you need to get off your chest.

The problem with setting up an organization like this to help people in need, require some form of income to help provide the services. They do sell their own T-shirt’s, but they won’t keep the business afloat.

What TheCALMzone need are donations in order to stay afloat and what better way than to offer you lovely readers to get yourself a magazine and have us donate our commissions straight to the charity.

But now you are probably asking what percentage will we be donating? Absolutely 100% of any money made from magazine commissions will be donated straight to TheCALMzone.

We feel that passionately to helping people we sincerely want to offer everything we can to helping others, even if it means giving away 100% of what we make.

Why We Do It

We all know someone who is battling with depression and anxiety. Mental health is more common than you might think, not to mention scary for all people involved, feeling helpless and struggling to console someone.

We’ve been there ourselves at Boost And Camber, we’ve battled through some bad times and come out the other side better off, this doesn’t mean it wasn’t a struggle, no battle is easy. But it made us stronger people to do things we wouldn’t normally do and push ourselves out of our comfort zone.

But this isn’t about us, this is about you or anyone you know, we are here to help potentially save a life. So if you want to shop for magazines or look at what else is to offer, CLICK HERE now.

For anyone reading that have depression, trust us, it gets better and despite it seeming a little clique, just take every day one at a time.

Keep smiling


Founder of Boost And Camber

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