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Ever thought about what the number one engine swap of all time would be? Maybe you’ve seen those memes’s about LS Swap the world? Maybe there’s a reason people talk so much about LS swapping?

Well in this post we are going to go over the 7 reasons to love the LS Swap and maybe inspire someone to do something unusual in order to stand out from the crowd with his / her very own LS swapped car.

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1. Reliability

Everyone wants a good strong, reliable car. Unfortunately, cars nowadays are built to be fixed by Specialists with Specialists tools so you have to pay for the special treatment to keep your car on the road. Something you don’t really have to worry about with an LS swap.

Their strength really is in their stock internals as they have been known to be pushed around and still stuck around, meaning they are a very reliable engine despite being used an abused on a daily basis.

The LS swap is one of the best in its field and can withhold some crazy performance without batting an eyelid. So if you want some reliability and strength in your engine swap, take a note that the LS swap could be the one for you!

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2. Pure Noise

Any V8 engine is going to come with a pretty sweet soundtrack that can give you goosebumps. So why the LS? Is it any different? Well, all Chevy V8 engines seem to have that beautiful rumble on tick over. They are one of the most eargasmic sounding cars of all time.

If you’re after a well tuned or after something with some serious growl, an LS is something you need, it’ll give you the noise of a Classic V8 that won’t let those smiles down. Just check out the video on this LS swapped Huracan!

3. Size Matters

When considering an engine swap or conversion, you need to take into consideration the size of the engine and the size of the bonnet you’re putting it in. To find an engine that will fit you also have to consider all the ancillaries, ECU, intercoolers.

But the great thing about the LS swap which makes it so popular, is the fact the small block engine can be happily transplanted into most cars. Plus with the huge variety of LS engines to choose from, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect one to fit your car, even if it requires lots and lots of lube.

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4. Performance

Something that goes hand in hand with the LS’s strength is the fact that the stock internals have been known to with stand powers exceeding 1000hp. That’s a lot of power from something that can fit in an MX-5!!

There’s nothing wrong with upgrading the internals on the LS engine either, because if you do and you do it well, you can expect power gains of over 2,000 or even 3,000hp. That being said, you need to make sure you’ve chose the right engine for the job and the best internals.

So if you’re not afraid of a bit of graft and research, you might find the LS is a perfect engine for those big power engine swaps.

5. Affordable

For a decent V8 engine, or even most other engines for engine swapsies, you can expect to pay some pretty big fees, in particular Audi’s popular 4.2 litre V8, which after a quick look on eBay comes up around £4,000. Whether a just run in LS might be harder to find in the UK, although one can still be found for about £1,000 to £2,000.

The demand is still there, you just might have to search forums, Facebook selling sites, and other places like gumtree to find the best engine for you, maybe even get one imported from the USA, but it’ll be totally worth the hard work.

6. Displacement

If you’re not after a big 6.2 or even a 5.7, but still want a V8, there’s still a 4.8 option, which came from the L20, LY2 or LR4.

Either way there are plenty of these engines to chose from that you think might suit your wants and needs the best, so even if it were visaed versa, you could find yourself using the 7.4 LSX454R.

This is one of the great things about these V8 engines, the choices available for you. Something you don’t get with most cars these days, it’s almost like a pick and mix but for car enthusiasts.

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7. Because It’s Cool

There’s no doubt about it, LS swapping a car is down right cool and if pulled off well can put you in the car guy hall of fame. But you gotta take the risks and have some creativity behind you in order to make it work.

No matter what kind of swap you do though will be epic, as who doesn’t love a V8 rumble in the jungle?not to mention engine swapping is bad ass and it’s living the dream for any car enthusiasts out there.

Would You LS Swap?

Let us know if you have done or have plans to do an LS swap in the comments below! We love to hear from you guys and your crazy car builds.

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Happy swapping


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