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Something that’s really becoming popular in the modified car culture and taking the world by storm are wide body kits. The leading company in our eyes are the Liberty Walk Body Kits, which really stand out from the crowd and build mega cool body kits for some of the most daring projects.

But who are Liberty Walk and what do they actually do? In this post we will try to go over some of the key points of Liberty Walk, so you can get an idea for your car if you’re after something totally unique and awe-inspiring.

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A Little About Liberty Walk

Starting out when he was 26 years old, Wataru Kato started creating his own unique style and branding, building wide body kits for cars. The lot he was working off of had space to exhibit only 3 cars and was the start of the business. Now it has grown to become one of the most recognizable names in automotive tuning.

Liberty Walks focus is on creating the best wide arch body kits for some of the more prestige brands of cars. By taking risks to produce some of the most aesthetically attractive pieces of art they have become the king of the wide body.

But they don’t stop there, Liberty Walk work on all aspects of the styling and creating beautiful cars. They also work with suspension components, aero kits, spoiler, exhausts, anything that will make a car more attractive.

Their philosophy is sharply based around the 70’s Nissans, with their Lowered, over fenders sports cars, which they have taken and applied to the super cars of today. Taking this and adding it to modern Airrex suspension, they have combined the past with modern technology.

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Supercar Specialists

Super cars are the thing of today and whether you own one or you don’t, they are surely something to strive for. The glimmer of a Lamborghini Huracan or the noise of a Ferrari 458 Italia is something of a young boys dream. If you’ve acquired your dreams of owning one of these cars. Congratulations!

But what can make it better? I’ll tell you.

Upgrading the suspension to Airrex, running crazy wide wheels and an absolutely stunning wide body Liberty Walk Body kit. After all, they are somewhat experts in them.

Super cars are becoming ever more common on the road as more and more people get richer, so we need something to help us stand out, to give us a bit more of an edge. Because who needs to blend in, it’s the whole reason you bought a damn sports car in the first place.

Some of the best kits they have done have to be to the Nissan GTR R35, or the Lamborghini Huracan as you can see displayed throughout this post, which really showcase what Liberty Walk have to offer.

Unique Designs

Liberty Walks unique designs and ability to create something outlandish and different really come out and shout at its target audience to really give us a dose of style. If you’re not into super cars or stance cars, you probably won’t get the idea and won’t appreciate what they do.

If you do appreciate both stance and super cars, or just cars in general, you will see the unique designs and appreciate the hard work, creativeness and dedication that goes into each and every Liberty Walk build.

It’s their f**k it attitude when it comes to building their cars and being persistent and consistent, knowing that what they were doing was what they loved and that if no one else loved it, it didn’t matter because that’s what they wanted to do. It’s this attitude that has sparked their unique designs and pushed the boundaries of creativity.

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Where Can I Buy A Liberty Walk Kit

If you’re at that stage in your life and just want to do whatever you want with your money, you probably already have things like a nice Lamborghini or a GTR and really want to just shine out and say to the world “yeah this is me, and what?”. If you’ve come through the slums to get here, remember Liberty Walk did the same.

They didn’t just appear overnight, they worked long and hard to get a name for themselves, just like you probably worked long and hard for your dream on your drive, so Liberty Walk has something in common with you and you should go and be different and stand out from the crowd, you owe it to yourself.

You can find out about getting yourself a kit by getting in touch through THIS LINK HERE, or finding them on Facebook or Instagram and dropping a message.

Do something drastic and be yourself.

Find More Of Their Work

You can find more of their work on their website, Facebook, Instagram or even Pinterest and Google. Their work has really stood out over the years and has made big waves in the modified car culture, that is in now in the UK and why the hell not!

The UK needs to take a long hard look at Liberty Walk because it’s collection of haters and trolls are steadily increasing, you should consider doing something you enjoy like Wataru Kato and ignoring what everyone else says and just enjoy being you.

If you like what we wrote about in this post, drop a comment below, we love to hear from you guys. You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.

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