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Want to slam your car on a budget? The JOM Blueline coilovers are they actually any good? I’m going to try and outline a little bit about our eBay specials here, because despite what everyone says about buying cheap you buy twice, these actually surprised me and I’ll let you in on my thoughts and experience to help you make an informed decision today.

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Jom Line Blueline Coilovers

But first we need to look at why you want to go static!

So Why Go Static?

Static, is another phrase used for when someone is on coilovers, because once adjusted they are in a specific height that can’t be adjusted without stopping the car, getting out, getting your jack, lifting it and playing around with your suspension.

Unlike air suspension, coilovers can’t be adjusted easily, which is fine. Personally I like being able to lower a car and just leave it, because they are firmer, they feel stiffer, they just feel sportier than a bagged option for me.

You can also really get the lows you want! Low and slow. They are also a lot less complicated to fit because you don’t have to deal with a compressor and air lines. Just plug and play.

But Why JOM’s?

For me it was cost. I had just moved house, had a baby and I had just found out my suspension shocks were shot and they would need replacing. Probably my own fault for putting on lowering springs and not upgrading the shocks. Duh. But seriously, I just NEEDED to upgrade them.

So I went on an online adventure to find some cheap coilovers knowing I could do the shocks and springs at the same time and surprisingly, it was cheaper to do both than get uprated shocks and keep the springs.

But why? Well I went for JOM’s because I had read some good reviews, did some YouTube searching at 1am. Found that these were cheap enough for the reviews they had gotten. There was a lot of positive feed back.

I can tell you now, my review of these is they are firm but forgiving, they look sick lowered and they don’t feel too far different from a set of BC’s which are 5x the price. Honestly they are a god send. I’ve had them on a few years now and had 0 problems.

If you do read a bad review, remember they might have fitted them wrong or their car might have been the issue in the first place.

I’m trying to think of a bad thing to say, but for the money, they really are the best you can buy.

Are They Really Worth It?

I can say these are probably the best bang for buck, you cannot go wrong with them. I think I picked up a set for around £200. Another £50 for some new top mounts and I was away. They take a few hours to fit and depending on the car they are straight forward. Especially if your a technician with a garage and thousands of 10mm sockets.

Like I said before the ride is forgiving. You do feel every pot hole, but i never found them too bad. Just depends on the pot hole I guess.

What I would recommend though, like with any coilovers setup is that you let them settle before you lower them. Just leave them to drop for a couple of hundred miles, them slam them to the ground. No questions, just straight down.

Like I said before, because bigger brands and air suspension are so expensive, these really do just the same job without sacrificing the ride quality. So really your getting sick lows for bargain prices AND you can save money for those Bola B10’s you want! Win Win!

Where Can I Buy These?

Coilovers are literally everywhere nowadays, unlike bags. They are easier to find, you can pick them up on most car enthusiast site. As everything is on Amazon, this is the first place I would look, you can buy them on the link on the photo.

Failing that, google around and find them elsewhere. I got mine from Amazon, the seller was very helpful and the postage was quick.

Just remember the price I paid was around £200, so make sure your not getting ripped off by paying over £300. Depending on what car you’re putting them on.

My Personal View

Buy them. Hands down, if you’re strapped for cash and need the cheaper option. These are the ones you need to go for. They will last you a few years, probably the length of time you will own your car before a new project. Then you can move on and do it all again.

Bang for buck. Best affordable coilover.

Happy slamming