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Like holidays? Nice getaways and family time or just like getting out the house and going to car shows or showing your car? What about a holiday AND a car show? Ever heard of the Isle of Wight Takeover?

If your like us and want to get away for a week or weekend, why not go down to the Isle of Wight takeover between the 16th and 17th of May 2020? The Isle of Wight takeover is all about Ford’s, although you don’t have to own a Ford to enjoy a weekend away with breathtaking views and brilliant photo opportunities.

In this post we will go over taking the ferry over, the camping and accommodation options, some great places to visit during your stay and what you can expect from the community.

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How Popular Is IOW Takeover?

The Isle of Wight Takeover is becoming more increasingly popular for all people of all walks of the UK to go and visit. Even those not local to the Isle of Wight travel for miles to come to the event to show their cars or see others.

Fords takeover of the island is attended by the magazine Fast Ford and spans for the course of 2 days once a year and a number of famous Ford people arrive to the event every year. One of the most notable is Rich Fox and his 671bhp Focus RS.

The festival is sponsored by Greenlight insurance, who offer great insurance for modified cars and if you own a car club, they offer a discount on insurance for those too.

There are loads of market stands too, which offer great products for your car, loads of merchandise and food stalls, plenty to keep you busy and happy for your stay away from home.

The Isle of Wight is a beautiful island and we guarantee a great stay away with loads of like-minded car obsessed people will make your year.

Taking A Ferry

I had never been to the IOW before until around 2010, nearly 10 years of visiting the island, which I had no idea that you needed to take a ferry, how naive. But the ferry trip can be booked through the festival website with a discount code or if you are looking to book a caravan stay and extend your visit, ferry tickets can be booked with the caravan site.

If you want to book separately, and just do everything for yourself, tickets can be purchased through the fed funnel website, be aware these ferries will be busy due to the amount of Fords traveling to the island, it’s always best to book in advance and set off early if you’re traveling from afar.

The ferry ride on the other hand takes around 1 hour to get to the other side, food and drinks are available on the ferry, hot or cold. Our recommendation is to get yourself on the top deck, get outside and enjoy the sun and waves.

We love the ferry ride, but tell us your experiences in the comments below.

Staying A Week?

The Isle of Wight Takeover is a 2-day festival and offer camping grounds for everyone, if you have kids or dogs, it’s all for everyone. The tickets are great priced aswel, meaning your weekend away could be a very cost effective getaway.

But if you’re like us and like to make the most out of the journey, we like to take our family for an extended stay at one of the caravan parks on the island. Meaning we can stay longer, still go to the events and see the sights when it’s all over. The kids love it.

Just be sure to have plenty of fuel, as there is plenty to do, plenty to keep you amused and driving around the island looking at all the views never gets tiring. The rolling roads and corners are great in any car. We suggest if you’re staying a week to take full advantage and drive the whole circumstance of the island, it can be done in a few hours.

Definitely consider staying longer than the 2 days the festival is on, it gives you a bit of time away from work, gives you some time away and if you’re taking your lady or man, gives you some time alone. Relationship points there!

Places To Visit

Besides the obvious on the 16th and 17th of May, there are loads of great places to go around the Isle of Wight. If you’re not into going and doing other things besides the event, take this list into consideration anyway, you never know, they might tick your boxes.

  • Osborne
  • Blackgang chine
  • Shanklin chine
  • The Needles
  • Robin hill
  • Steam railway
  • Amazon world zoo park
  • Isle of Wight zoo
  • Monkey Haven

This is just a list of the most popular, but if these don’t tickle you, there are plenty of beautiful scenic routes with loads of corners, cliff edges and fun roads. Along the roads there are often great pubs and places to eat.

Then if you get tired of driving and the weather is nice, try one of the many beaches and enjoy just chilling by the side of the sea. The Isle of Wight Takeover doesn’t have to end with the numerous Fords, although this does make you feel more connected to the community.

All About Community

Ford nuts all over the country are normally extremely helpful, they offer great support and help when you need it. The community spirit and pride you get from going to these events are absolutely brilliant and sometimes emotional, which is what keeps us all going.

So if your looking forward to taking over the Isle of Wight, get in touch with the Takeover team and book your tickets, or share your experience with us in the comments below.

We look forward to hearing from you all!


Founder of Boost And Camber

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