Is BOTB A Scam – The Horrible Truth

BOTB or Best Of The Best has been around since 1999 and was established by Managing Director and CEO, William Hindmarch. Since it’s beginnings BOTB has given away over 500 cars costing a whopping £30m. That’s a lot of M’s. But is BOTB a scam?

In this post we will go over what BOTB really is, whether they are a real company, do people REALLY win expensive nice cars and whether BOTB really is a scam.

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What Is BOTB?

BOTB is an online lifestyle competition where customers can sign up, pay for a ticket to play spot the ballCustomers have the choice to choose a car from the list of whatever they want to win, whether it’s a Lamborghini, a cash prize, a nice watch or a holiday.

The game is nice and simple, all you do is click on a picture of footballers and guess where the ball could be on the screen. Then independent panel of judges pick a winner dependent on who they deem is closest to where the ball would be.

These competitions run once a week and there is a guaranteed winner every week.

BOTB might seem like a bit of a scam, but we can assure you, even the ex-stig Ben Collins has collaborated with them and even F1 racing driver David Coulthard is an ambassador for them. Needless to say, they have friends in high places.

Are They A Real Company?

Feeling a little unsure whether BOTB is a real company still, believe it or not they are. Their presence has been know for quite sometime, with their high circle of friends and being featured in places like Car Throttle and Goodwood Festival Of Speed.

Not only that, the company has a huge online, including over 250k followers on Facebook and nearly 20,000 followers on Twitter. If that doesn’t shout legit, I don’t know what does.

What else helps to establish its legitness is its on the London’s stock exchange, you can’t be scamming and be on the London exchange market too. That just doesn’t work.

So yes they are a real legitimate company, that also gives to over 80 different charities a year, with all good intentions to give away cars for the price of a couple of quid ticket.

Do People REALLY Win Their Dream Car?

I don’t know, ask one of the 500 winners! There’s one every week, I’m sure you can find one. Don’t actually go looking for them, that’s a bit stalkery. But there are over 500 winners and there will be another at the end of this week.

It isn’t fixed, everything is regulated by an independent panel of judges, it’s all official and if you don’t believe us, check out this guys post on piston heads or the 3,000+ Trustpilot reviews. They have a very legit background and huge following.

If you want to keep updated with the hundred of people that have won over the years and see this week’s winner check out their YouTube channel, this will show you the amount of people that have won and give you some security.

The only people that slate BOTB are the sore losers, it’s a game and if you don’t win, you don’t win, I’ve played previously and not won, does that mean it’s a scam? I’ve played the lottery in the past and not won, does that make the lottery a scam? If you don’t win, you don’t win, just enjoy the game.

But if you do play and win, get in touch we love to hear from you guys, we might even throw you a cheeky shout out and help throw some followers your way on Instagram!

Still Don’t Believe Us?

If you still don’t believe us after all the information we have provided and still have a little skepticism, why not sign up for free here, you don’t even have to pay a membership a monthly fee, just a free sign up and if that’s alright, why not play one game for 0.79p! Cheaper than a can of Diet Coke!

For 0.79p you might even win! You might have an Aston Martin on your drive come the weekend! Who knows! But you’ll never know if you don’t try, Right now while the odds are better and it’s not as popular as the lottery are the better times to play as there is less competition!

So get signed up for free, buy a ticket and pick a prize. Who knows, you could be the next big winner!

Play The Game

What are you waiting for! Get playing the game. If you’re still a little unsure we have another post on this to help ease your mind. Also, there are plenty of people playing right now, myself included that are all after a nice shiny new car.

If you are a winner or you’ve read this and won because you read this post, we would love to hear from you in the comments below! Just drop a comment or find us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

What are you waiting for! Get playing!