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Why on God’s earth are you reading this? You shouldn’t hate your car! I’m sure your car doesn’t hate you. I hear this a lot “I hate my car” and for the same reasons over and over. In fact I’ve used a couple of these myself in the past, probably far too often as I’ve gotten older.

Maybe it’s my age talking but I don’t want to buy another daily driver ever again. I’ve now become content with my daily car to the point whatever it needs it gets and it’ll be kept running as long as I can keep it running. Same goes for projects, you spend all that time loving them to give them up.

Don’t just quit on your car just yet, have a read of these 4 quotes that might seem familiar and see if any resonates with you and what you can do to spark up your love life with your car!

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“It’s Too Slow”

Ok ok I’ll admit I was a little bit hypocritical, this is the reason I gave up on a couple of my cars, even if one is still sat on my drive. But if it’s slow, why is it still sat on my drive? Because I love it and I can’t see it go. You see, sometimes it’s not about speed.

Having a car that has character and has offered you plenty of great times and has taken you to places you didn’t think possible out trumps that new fan dangled BMW with loads of gadgets. Something of sentimental value will always trump something with no value but costs a lot.

Like I say, speed isn’t everything, I learnt the hard way, what is important is you enjoy the times you have in your car and spend every minute appreciating that it gets you where you need to go, whether that’s in 20 minutes or 2 hours, just enjoy the journey.

Maybe it’s just because I’m getting old I write this, or maybe it’s because I enjoy all cars with character, who knows, just don’t give up on her just yet, there’s always turbos.

”I’m Bored”

You’re not bored, you’re uninspired! If it’s the speed aspect that isn’t giving you a thrill, tune it up, consider remaps or engine swaps, make it more exciting. If you don’t have money for that just remember buying a faster car is STILL going to cost you money, maybe even more!

If you’re just bored with the way your car looks just put a bit of money down on body kits, fender flares, coilovers, front splitters, all the fun quirky stuff. Do google searches of your cars make and model with stanced or modified on the end and see what it could look like. Get inspired.

Owning any car doesn’t have to be boring there is plenty to do, even if you just enjoy the fact of owning a car and taking it to Whitby (that’s a popular seaside town to all my American viewers) on the weekend, fall in love again and get inspired to do something with your car, even if it’s just a new set of car mats.

“It’s Unreliable”

I can kind of almost let you off on this excuse, then again, I can’t. Anyone that’s ever had an expensive repair bill for something stupid like an intercooler or turbo blown, did you pay the couple thousand or did you bin it and spend tens of thousands buying a new problem.

The problem nowadays is instead of working on your problems, you run from them and unfortunately cars are under that same bracket, they are mechanical machines that break from time to time. Sooner or later, no matter how new your car, you are going to need to repair it.

Had you opted to replace your car, imagine being in a 4-year PCP and it breaks at 2 years and you need to repair it and the warranty is gone, your in a little bit of a hard spot. So keep that in mind with your old trusted steed, she may be on some down time now, but with a bit of love, she’ll be back to lugging you around in no time.

“I’ve Lost Trust In It”

This kind of goes hand in hand with “its unreliable”. If you have broken down or somethings gone wrong, you might feel this way, it’s normal. Imagine it like a human relationship, your partner does something that makes you feel uneasy around them, if they haven’t done something like cheat (which I’m pretty sure cars don’t, might I add) then learn to trust again.

Trusting in your mechanical relationship is difficult, but it didn’t do it on purpose, whatever it did was purely because it’s getting tired and needs some attention, don’t we all from time to time. Imagine if you needed some attention and the more you asked for it, people pushed you away, sucks don’t it.

Have a bit of patience, get her running again and give her some attention, take her for a good run, spend some time cleaning her and changing her oil. There’s nothing wrong with building trust in a relationship.

Learn To Love Again

If the spark is dying, remember to try all these things, you might have been through a lot with your car, there might be things it’s seen that others haven’t, like you crying in the back seats after a breakup, or scoffing on McDonald’s when your “on a diet” (not talking from experience).

Build your relationship back up and hang on in there, if you can’t hold onto a car how do you plan to hold onto other important things in life, like a job, your money or a relationship. Work on your problems, it builds character!

If you have anything you want to input or want to talk about your own car love stories, drop a comment below!

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