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Something about lowering a car, even by a small amount can add to the looks of most cars on the road today. They also improve the handling and Center of Gravity for a better performance. So we bought some H&R Lowering Springs To review them and give you an idea of what money can buy you in 2020.

If you are comparing between H&R and Eibach, read our review on Eibach Sportlines in this review here. Then you can make a decision on which ones you think are best for you. We will give our honest opinion at the bottom of the page down below.

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1. How Low Do H&R Go?

H&R are one of the top brands for performance parts and are manufactured in Germany, so you know they are going to be built to last. The great thing about these springs is, if you’re like us, you’ll want a great low without having to pay too much for coilovers or bags.

Sometimes you just want a nice easy bolt on option, luckily the H&R springs go as low as 50mm, which isn’t quite scrape city, but when running H&R springs and spacers we did notice a bit of rub on the rear arches from the tyre, not the wheel.

They do offer a great low compared to other springs and they don’t require much time to settle, because of the quality of the spring, you can expect a slight initial drop from having the car raised, which is normal but once driven on for a couple of days they should be pretty settled.

2. Quality Of H&R

Something of a great concern when buying any product is “is it going to be good quality?”. Because no one likes to buy crap. We bought ours off of Amazon and cost just short of £100 for some ST150 springs. So originally I thought cheap would be cheap. But after unboxing and fitting, they felt solid and of a good standard.

H&R promise they are the best and number one product and they also boast that they 100% produce everything in Germany and time and time again exceed the ISO quality assurance standards.

I can see why as they do feel like good quality and they fit perfectly on the car without a hick. Just a perfect fit onto the standard shocks and offered a great stance from the word go. For the price we payed for these springs, they more than did the job.

3. How They Feel On The Road

Changing your springs don’t change your ride quality much compared to other suspension mainly because you are still on OEM shocks and you’re just bringing the car closer to the ground. So when you think about it, your ride quality won’t be too affected.

With these springs, they are lower than most others and we found the cars Center of Gravity was a lot lower meaning the under steer felt a lot more tame and manageable, which is saying a lot for Ford. It also felt more responsive on corners and just more planted with less body roll.

The increases in the performance surprised me overall and I really enjoyed the differences it made without breaking my bank account. Overall I would say the performance was greatly increased, with improved body roll, decreased under steer, more planted feel and giving the car a sportier look.

It makes me wonder why all cars aren’t fitted with lower springs from standard!

4. Worth The Buy?

Absolutely worth purchasing a set of H&R Lowering Springs if you’re on a budget and want to improve handling and looks. They do exactly what you need them too without affecting ride quality too much. Having being on air ride, coilovers and springs, for affordability, springs are worth their money.

I bought these with no crazy expectations, but the differences in everything made the spend worthwhile and I have and will continue to tell people that are looking for affordable lowering and handling, buy a set of Springs.

We bought ours from Amazon, had no issues with postage or communication from the seller and the springs arrived a couple of days after purchase. Anyone looking to buy parts, I would recommend Amazon, it surprised me that there aren’t more people ordering off Amazon because our experience was great.

Would You Buy H&R?

Having driven on Eibachs and H&R, it was really a thought of which one we though had the upper hand. Because springs are just that, springs, then there’s not a lot we could compare, but if we were to have to choose a set of springs out of the 2, we would probably choose the Eibachs.

No other reason than we thought they performed better and there’s something about them that gave us a bit more confidence in them. Other than that, the difference in springs was minimal and they both had great quality overall.