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It’s the start of a new year, there’s a million and one things you want to do, you have New Years resolutions coming out of your ears. You want to do all these things, maybe you want a new car? What’s if we told you how to win a car online? Would that be nice? The Best part about it, is it’s cheaper than you think.

BOTB is one of the UK’s biggest car lotteries, where everyday people like you and me win cars every week. These aren’t just run of the mill cars either, it’s all Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Audi’s, BMW, hundreds to chose from.

What’s if the game you played wasn’t luck of the draw either and it was more about skill and gave EVERYONE a chance to win. Well BOTB do just that and we will go over how you play the game in this article so you can win yourself a new car to bring in the new year.

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Pick A Car

The fun bit comes first, you get to pick an awesome car to win! There is a huge selection of hundreds of cars and something for everyone’s taste.

If you’re into your v dubs, they have transporters, golf r’s, polo gti’s. If you’re into your fords they have Mk1 escorts, raptors, focus and fiesta st’s.

Once you’ve picked something that really tickles your fancy, just select how many tickets you want. 1-4 tickets has a standard price, 5-9 tickets gives you a bit of discount, 10+ tickets will give you further discount. The price of each ticket varies from car to car, so don’t pick a bentley if you’re just trying it out.

Picking a car always seems difficult for me, because I never know what will look good on my drive until it’s there. Do they do supercar free trials?

Play The Game

The game is simple, all you gotta do is pick a spot on a photo where you think a ball is. Sounds easy? That’s because it is. Not into football? That’s fine too, anyone can play it, it’s straight forward enough and the easiest way we played it is to follow the eyes of the footballers and try to pin point where they meet.

Nice and simple right, obviously there can only be one winner and every winner is drawn by the independent team of judges who find the winner through the thousands of entry’s a week.

To be fair BOTB have made this game a lot more interesting than your standard lottery of picking a few numbers and hoping and praying, you do get a good thrill from it think about that nice car you could be driving around in on the weekends.

It really is just down to clicking the right spot on a photo, don’t believe me? Log in and see for yourself, sign up is easy and doesn’t cost a penny.

Place More Bets

You can of course increase your chances of winning by placing more bets, that’s a given. The more try’s and attempts to click where a ball might be on a picture, your going to have a better chance of hitting the spot aren’t you. But in reality, it only takes that one perfect click.

Bets aren’t expensive either, depending on the car you put in to win, but even then, to put in for a Bentley Continental GT isn’t over £8. Imagine owning a Bentley for just under £8!!

In this section though we are talking about placing more bets. So what about if you place 2 or 3 bets to increase your chances? It’ll give you more chances at finding the ball and potentially winning your new car.

Let’s face it, you put in more bets, it costs a little more but you could win a car costing anything in the region of £130,000. Yikes, £8 isn’t sounding too massive now is it?

Waiting To See If You’ve Won

This is the hard part, now you’ve placed your bets the wait begins, it might be tomorrow or the end of the week, depending on when you place your bets, but those hours start to play on your mind. You just want to think of the first place to take your new set of wheels.

For me this is the exciting part, just keeping checking to see how long left to the competition ends, waiting to see if someone will call to tell me I’ve won a new car. The anticipation of winning is even better than taking part.

I’ve 100% got my fingers crossed for anyone who plays the game, we love cars and we love seeing winners and success stories, we want to see our readers proud of themselves for putting their hard-earned cash into the possibilities of winning a luxury car.

Get Signed Up

Now you know how, it’s time to get setup to get winning. Signing in is free and doesn’t require and hoop jumping or any crazy ads about Tesco mobile or something.

BOTB is a brilliant website and idea, giving something back to the car community. About freaking time aswel, well done BOTB, keep up the good work, we hope to see a Porsche on our drive in the coming weeks! If you do end up winning a new car, don’t be shy, share it with us via email or Facebook, we would love to feature you guys on our site.

Click The link HERE to give it a go today!

Remember gamble safe. When the fun stops, stop.

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