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Something I haven’t wrote about yet, despite the name of the site, is Camber. Something I hear from time to time is how do you get negative Camber? And it’s actually quite a straight forward mod that can drastically alter the style of your car and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

So if your after a quick and cheap mod that will also increase performance at the track, read on because you might be surprised.

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What Is Negative Camber?

Before we look into what negative Camber is, we must first look at what Camber is. Camber is the angle of how perpendicular your wheel sits on the ground. If your tire is level with the ground, it will have a Camber of zero. If your wheel toes outwards at -5 degrees, that’s negative Camber. The same goes if the top of your wheel toes out at the top, that is positive Camber.

Negative Camber is used a lot in motor sport such as drift and track in order to get a better traction on hard cornering as when a driver turns into a corner at speed, more of his tire will be planted on the road.

There is also a common trend in stance cars where the owner will go to the extreme with Camber in order to get lower looks and build a certain style with his / her car.

There is nothing wrong with this for show / street use, but it is less practical as you will get uneven tire wear and a loss in performance, because we aren’t heavy on the steering. But if you are going for a certain look or you are track / drifting your car, this might be perfect for you.

Why Camber Your Car?

There are 3 main reasons in which you might want to add Camber. These are

  • For drifting
  • For track use
  • For stance and shows

The first 2 reasons are really about getting the most traction on heavy cornering, as you may know, drifting requires a fair bit of traction on the front wheels and less on the back to help it slide out. While track use will require Camber so when the weight shifts to one side, those wheels will have a better surface area gripping the road, helping you power through the corners.

As for stance and shows, this is mainly cosmetic and was adopted from the drift and track cars, because it has a good look to it. A lot of cars that are at shows will now support some negative Camber and in some cases to the extreme.

Any other reason like to daily a car and look good doing it is kind of detriment because you may notice you are paying more for tires and not getting the power down had you need it, but it’s all personal preference, if you really want to change up your ride and make it your own and show it off, go for it.

How To Add Camber To Your Ride?

There are a couple of ways you can add Camber to your car. One way is by adding Camber bolts. These bolts replace an old bolt on your bottom control arm behind your wheel and they adjust by just turning an adjuster on them.

Follow this video on someone that installed some to his Clio track car.

There are also Camber kits you can buy, these might consist of front upper control arms and rear lower control arms. These kits may give up up to 5 degrees depending on your kit.

You can see these being fitted in the video below to get an idea of how it looks to change these.

Not so complicated anymore is it, although it is recommended to get your tracking checked and make sure all the wheels have the same amount of Camber on each side.

Where Can I Buy Camber Parts?

If you’re looking for a quick easy bolt swap for a little track Camber, the bolts are a great option, you can literally find them anywhere, I found some on Demon Tweeks who are a very reputable company, they came quick and weren’t expensive

To go with a Camber kit or buying the arms separate along with new trailing arms they can also be found on Demon Tweeks. You can buy these as a kit or separately, the choice is yours.

You can find them in these links below

Shop for Camber bolts CLICK HERE.

Shop on Demon Tweeks CLICK HERE.

Either way, now you know what you need, how to do it and where to buy them, all you gotta do is get ordering and get that car jacked up when your new parts arrive, watch the YouTube videos and ask for help if you need it, or if you have a garage friend like most people, get him / her to give you a hand.

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Happy cambering guys.