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One of the first modifications anyone wants to and needs to do to their car is lower it. It not only improves the handling from the stock suspension, it also looks so much cooler.

In this article we will go over how to lower your car using air suspension, including why to choose air suspension, the benefits and where to buy air suspension. We will also include a video on how to install air suspension if you want to fit it yourself, although this is something we recommend leaving for the professionals.

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Air Suspension Is Popular?

Believe it or not, air suspension is a huge thing at the minute, especially with the rise of stanced cars. There are tonnes of examples at most car meets, car shows and McDonald’s drive throughs.

Air suspension doesn’t have to mean old school low riders from GTA San Andreas though. Dammit CJ. It’s all about just getting that fitment just right and sometimes the only way to do that is to air out and get your car as low as possible.

But with the rise of modern cars coming equipped with air suspension, so has the aftermarket. There are more and more providers of air suspension and the most common question when it comes to lowering a car Is bags or coilovers.

Air suspension vs coilovers has been a battle for as long as they’ve been around, but in reality, it’s all about those bags to get mega lows. Coilovers are great don’t get me wrong but It’s really down to what you use your car for, which you go for. Cost shouldn’t be an issue as you can get monthly payments now for both.

So the short answer here is yes, air suspension is popular, its great for anyone that wants to lower their car.

Why Choose Air Suspension

Both air suspension and coilovers are great options, we’ve even done lowering springs aswel, anything to get low. But it really comes down to preference and money.

Coilover are a fantastic option if you want to be able to rise and lower your car with the touch of a button and still get a good ride quality. In fact, people have said you can just glide over bumps on air.

If daily driving is your thing and you like your bum bone to stay in one piece, air ride is probably your way forward. Coilovers are great especially if you like a firm ride or your going on the track, but if your getting old like me, you want a bit of comfort on your commute.

All that being said, you’ve come to this website to learn how to lower your car and air suspension is our personal favourite way to get good lows. Not only because of the lows or the ride quality, but because of the adjustability and being able to change settings at the touch of a button.

Maybe I’m getting old and can’t hack the firmness of the coilovers anymore, or maybe it’s because their known for being awesome amongst the car community.

The Benefits

Other than your bum bone staying in one piece, there are a few more benefits to paying the extra and treating yourself to air suspension to get those lows you want.

  • Ride Quality
  • Super Low
  • Reduced Noise and Vibration
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Less Wear
  • Adjustable Ride Height
  • Improved Tyre Life

All great reasons and benefits of air suspension, but it’s like we say it all comes down to preference and what you use your car for. Unless you’re happy to spend a small fortune on air suspension for track use, stick with coilovers.

These benefits aren’t necessarily for hard use, more for comfort and good stance. If that’s what your going for, go for air suspension because you can’t beat it for comfort and stance.

Where Can I Buy Air Suspension?

There are quite a few places around the UK that offer air suspension. Some places will supply and some will supply and fit. Either way make sure however it is installed, it’s installed well, it’s a big part of the connection between the road and your car.

We would recommend buying from a trustworthy place. We would always give AIRTECHNIK a mention as their customer service, products and selection are absolutely out there.

AIRTECHNIK don’t just sell air suspension though, expect to walk out with a few goodies when you do your shopping online. There is plenty to look through. Check them out in THIS LINK here for more information and a look into what else is available on the online store.

Not only that but they also develop their own air suspension for small hatchbacks for the VAG car scene and the mk7 Fiesta. Making these guys the go to people for air suspension.

How Low Can You Go?

Lowering your car on air is one of the best to get really low, but how low can you go? Get yourself on air and find out. Do something different and make a stand. There’s nothing cooler than pulling into a car park and airing out.

If you want to talk more about this subject, drop us a comment below or find us on all social media platforms, we love to hear from you. If you just want to give some input to help someone out, drop a comment, I’m sure someone will appreciate a little help.

All in all, have fun modding and we’ll see you at the next car show.



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