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Why do we do this? A question heard time and time again. We all get asked why do you want to do that to your car? Surely it’s really expensive? Well? How Much Does It Cost To Slam A Car? I’ll be quite honest. As little as you want.

I’ll run through some of the cheaper options through to the silly money. The main thing when doing these sort of things though is you have fun doing them and driving them.

You don’t have to have an expensive car to enjoy this post. You don’t even have to have a car. Maybe just a dream. You could even put cheap stuff on your expensive car, the combinations are endless.

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Cost Effectively

So if you don’t have a lot of money or just don’t want to spend a lot doing up your car, you can do it all on the cheap. The easiest way to do this is to chop the springs (although I really don’t recommend doing this). It’ll not cost you anything, except maybe a new car.

The better way would be to buy some lowering springs. They drop the stock height and don’t cost too much, giving your car more street cred. Another way would be JOM coilovers, which aren’t as bad as people make out, they are simple and effective, just let them settle before you lower them.

On the other hand, your wheels might need an update. You can find a nice set on eBay, or you can find someone to refurb them for a couple hundred pounds, either way it’s a cheap way of changing the look without spending a fortune.

Mid Cost

Ok so the cost can go up depending on what you want to spend. Your middle of the range coilovers like BC racing are a prime example.

You could spend around £1,000 on suspension at this point and it would be pretty effective and you are getting a better quality of ride.

Also you could buy some higher end alloys like a Bola or Team Dynamics. These can be found on plenty of sites like But there are plenty you can google for, with finance available.

Meaning you could spend a couple of thousand and have a decent setup. This doesn’t necessarily mean cheap but it does mean you have a good setup that could last you a long time till you go into the next tier.

Big Money

Alright money bags, I’m getting there. You don’t want to cut your springs and you don’t want Bola B10’s. You want the high end parts. The bees knees.

You could go with a KW coilover set which might be a couple thousand or at this point you could actually look at a basic bag setup with air ride. As you have a better option for choice here, it’s better to think whether you want bags or coilovers. Me personally I like bags, the ride quality is better and it looks so cool when you drop it.

Big money is a great stage to be at because of your options available, you don’t have to go mortgage money but it could be the cost of a new car that your putting into a car you own (effectively you will own 2 cars).

Your wheels can go into the higher end market of BBS or OZ Racing. There are still plenty of combinations that haven’t been done so try looking for something different, you’ve got the money for it.

What The !?*$

Right, let’s get stupid and real. We all see these cool cars on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube. It’s all cool and that. But what kind of money really goes into this? Actually as much as you want. Whether it’s a VW Lupo or an Audi R8, the sky isn’t even the limit.

Your options for suspension could be the bigger boot build you’ve ever seen in your life, costing tens of thousands. You upgrade the Camber, the anti roll bars and links. Spacer and arch kits become a thing. You’re looking at more bodywork stuff at this point and more perfectionist OCD level to make the car sit perfect.

There is nothing wrong with spending hundreds of thousands on a car. Women spend it on filler, why can’t we enjoy our ride?

As for the wheels, refer back to my Rotiform post. There are other brands, but these are top notch. Id go for a 3 piece and something that makes the car stand out and spend an absolute fortune, not skimping on the tyres. Never skimp on tyres.

There is also tyre stretching, if that’s your thing, doesn’t have to be but it is a thing.

Whatever you do at this point, do it your way and make it awesome.

Why Do We Do It?

So many people quit or don’t do things they love because they are too scared of what people will say, that’s fine, but why give up on a dream. I’ve still got an old ford sat on my drive, just waiting for some love, when I can get round to it between work and a baby. But it’s my dream.

PS I might even do a YouTube video series of me modding this car, she’s called Felicia and she holds a place in my heart.

We don’t do these things for other people approval, we do this out of passion. There hasn’t been a bigger smile on someone’s face till you’ve seen a young lad scrape all his under tray trying to go over a speed bump.

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