Heko Wind Deflectors – Are They Actually Any Good? – Boost And Camber

With modifications on cars becoming more popular, people are finding new and fun ways to modify their car. One such modification that has taken the UK by storm is Heko Wind Deflectors. They are cheap, easy to fit, serve a purpose and look stylish on your car.

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What Do They Do?

Wind Deflectors are fitted not only for a cosmetic purpose, they are also there to save you from being battered by wind / rain during your daily commute.

So if you’re driving along and you need your window down but you get that horrible wind and road noise, sometimes it can be distracting. With Wind Deflectors they act as a barrier from the elements and road noise to make driving more comfortable.

They work by adding aerodynamics to the car to deflect the wind from going in an open window, this meaning you can still breathe on that long drive and not get bashed in the face by strong gales.

How To Fit Them

These are easy to fit and won’t take you all day or require any special tools. All you will need is a screwdriver, doesn’t matter which.

It is good to note whether you have the right Deflectors for your car as they are all model dependent.

So once you have the right ones, start by opening the window on your car, the Wind Deflectors should just slot right into the top, but make sure to clean out the channel with a screwdriver first so there isn’t any muck stopping them from fitting.

Once they are in, get your supplied clips and push them upwards into the window, using your screwdriver, to secure the Wind Deflectors and stop any movement.

Make sure to check around that there isn’t much movement on them and that the window goes back up.

There you go, easy to fit, no hard work and increased looks.

Top Benefits Of Wind Deflectors

Aswell as increased style and making your car stand out a bit more than normal, Wind Deflectors have added benefits to your drive.

They can

  • Reduce strong wind in the car
  • Allow air to circulate without unnecessary noise
  • Improve economy by not needing the AC
  • Reduce road and wind noise
  • Make your driving experience better

So for a small amount of money and an easy modification, it seems crazy that these aren’t fitted as a factory option on modern cars, but everyone seems to be buying them.

Great modification without serious costs involved.

Where Can I Buy These?

These can be bought on Amazon, they are between £30 – £50 depending on what car you have. Really affordable modification with a tonne of benefits and easy to fit.

To buy a set of Heko Wind Deflectors CLICK HERE or click the picture below.

Also check out with Amazon Prime to get your Wind Deflectors next day.


With modifications being sometimes too tricky to do ourselves and needing professional help, this one is probably the easiest most cost effective with a great purpose.

They really do enhance the look of any car and Amazon does have a wide variety of car brands for these.

It’s probably one of the first mods you can do to a car that will just make it more yours aswel.

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