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Finding a nice set of wheels for your car isn’t as simple as it might sound. Sometimes people like to follow the crowd, buy themselves something everyone is doing or even just get a quick respray and be done with it. For those flamboyant few that want to stand out they might go for Forgiato Wheels.

Although these wheels aren’t to match every car, they will make a huge difference to those standard wheels and make your car look unique and different. Forgiato Wheels will do that. They work really well with your high end prestige cars like Bentleys, Aston Martins And Mercedes.

In this post we will go over what makes them so special, why the quality and craftsmanship is next to none, some of the different styles available and where you can pick up a set for your car.

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What Makes Forgiato So Special?

Forgiato started out as a completely different brand in 2002, under the name of D’Vinci wheels, which in 2005 then created a new line of wheels under the name of Forgiato Designs. Then one year later they sold D’Vinci and focused solely on Forgiato Designs.

Their passion for undying attention to detail and bringing the highest quality top end alloys surpassed some of the other brands in the market at the time and are now considered one of the most expensive wheel you can buy on the marketplace today.

Forgiato have been creating these high end wheels for some of the most prestige cars on the market, so these won’t just fit any car unfortunately, unless you have something like a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Land Rover or Mercedes. They are the tip of the top and they devote their time to making sure their wheels are the highest quality.

Unmatched Quality And Craftsmanship

Developed, machined and polished in Los Angeles, Forgiato Wheels are 100% American built, through and through. Every made to order wheel is created with complete attention to detail and are made with the customer in mind, from the tiny details to engraved custom jobs.

Forgiato guarantee that your wheels will be unparalleled in their quality and performance, with their all American construction and assembly, using only American made parts and products to create only the best leading wheels on the market.

Styles Of Forgiato

Whether you’re into a simplistic design or something a little more bling, Forgiato have created several styles of wheel to suit everyone’s needs. Not to mention the customization will really help you be different when you want to stand out.

They offer 1 piece, 2 piece and 3 piece forged wheels with custom engraving, chrome rivets and profound lip innovations, making it easy to find something to suit your car.

The brands 3 piece wheels are made of aerospace grade forged aluminium and are offered in different forged options such as extreme concave, step lip, raised lip and loads of other options.

Just check them out in the banner below to see what styles are available to you.

Where Can I Buy Forgiato?

Forgiato are one of those brands that aren’t everywhere, they say there are only 50 known recognized dealers of these wheels, that means one for each state, nearly.

This being said, luckily we know a great place to purchase these fine set of wheels, if you want to buy yourself a set of Forgiato wheels, like the ones a lot of celebrities have if their cars, check out the guys at Vivid Racing on the link below.

Vivid racing also offer these wheels at very competitive prices and with finance options available with Affirm you can also spread the costs.

Vivid racing have a huge selection and you can select customization options when going through the purchase options, like offset, custom bolt patterns, pinstripes and custom colours.

Just be specific when you order, to sure your wheels come perfect to you!

Looking Swarve

Got a nice car and want to show it off? Why not! Get your car some nice shoes, whether they are Forgiato or Rotiform, treat your car to something nice and show off your piece of art, if you got it, flaunt it right. Nothing wrong with being proud of what you work for.

So what are you waiting for, get out there and search for your next custom wheels from Vivid Racing.

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