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Getting performance out of your Ford is always great fun, whether you have a 1.0 ecobeast or a 5.0 V8 Mustang. Ford performance parts are relatively easy to find, including garages that offer remaps and bolt ons, but who is the best? Which garage offers the most power?

In this post we will go over what it is to be a Ford Enthusiast, the Heritage of Performance Fords, what models are currently available and some of the best garages for upgrading your Ford.

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Ford Enthusiasts

Car guys and gals all over have been united since the first car rolled out of the factory and we all share the same passion. Whether it’s the VDub scene or Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s. Fords are no different and they have a huge following. In the UK in particular, Fords are some of the most sold cars.

On Facebook groups, you can see the following rising, especially on The Ford Bible who have nearly 22,000 members as of today. There’s always something new on there and thousands of people post about their car daily, usually on a group dedicated to their model.

But if Facebook groups doesn’t really interest you, there are several Ford car shows throughout the year, one of the biggest is Ford Fair which is held at Silverstone every year and is a fantastic day out for any Ford Nut as they have different shows, track driving, different vendors for parts, merch and cleaning products, which can sometimes be had for a discount.

Some of the top shows to attend for the year include

  • Pure Ford
  • The Ford Show
  • Classic Ford Show
  • Isle of Wight takeover
  • Ford Fair

There’s plenty for everyone, loads to do through the year and if you want to show your car join a club and get on a stand, you’ll be surprised how welcoming most clubs are! The Ford community can be very helpful and friendly.

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The Heritage

Henry Ford was a business mastermind and created some of the worlds best production cars, but it wasn’t an overnight job.

It all started when he was 15 and created his first steam engine, then the year after he moved out and got a job as an apprentice machinist. So if you’re an apprentice, remember this, it all starts from somewhere.

In 1903 Henry created Ford, working on his ambitions he eventually unveiled the Ford Model T. This was a groundbreaking machine that changed the motor industry for the next century. In 1913 the Model T was under mass production and revolutionized the production line.

It was in 1945 that Henry Ford eventually retired and passed the torch to his Grandson Henry Ford II. Not long after Henry was honored at the American Automotive Golden Jubilee for his outstanding contributions to the motor industry. Soon after that, Henry Ford passed away at the age of 83.

His legacy lives on in the cars we drive today and gives me great pride to own a Ford.

Performance Models

Over the years Ford have produced plenty of performance models, most have now become classics, some future classics and modern performance models. Most of the classics are garages or in a museum somewhere, barely driven and only kept as a showpiece, only for the collectors and lovers of Fords.

The classics consist of

  • Thunderbird
  • Mustang
  • Ford GT
  • Torino GT
  • Escort Cosworth
  • Sierra RS Cosworth
  • Fiesta RS

Going through the ages these cars have been sought after time and time again and their prices continue to rise but modern Fords have a place in our hearts too. From the 3.0 V6 Mondeo ST220, to the 2.3 liter Focus RS, modern Fords have still got the moves.

Nowadays your modern performance Fords you can expect to find at a local dealer include

  • Fiesta ST
  • Focus ST / RS
  • Mustang 2.3 / 5.0
  • Ranger Raptor
  • Ford GT

Granted the Ford GT is a bit pricey and a little out of reach, if you got the money, why not? We do have to say though one of the most popular among the young crowd does seem to be the Fiesta’s. With their punchy 1.6 turbo and affordable fun, they make for a brilliant daily driver and a track car.

Whether your into your classics or your modern Fords they’re part of everyone’s lives in some way or another.

Best Places For Upgrades

Got a Ford or looking to get one and wanting to do a little upgrading? Not a problem. Whether you want a quick remap, upgraded suspension or some nice rotiform wheels, most performance garages will accommodate. They do this day in and day out because it’s what they live and breathe.

Some of our top picks for garages to go to include

  • Pumaspeed
  • Collins performance
  • Dream Science
  • Mountune
  • Rs tuning

These are reputable garages with years of experience in modified Fords. Each one has different areas of expertise and some might be able to get more power out of the diesels than the others, but they are all very similar with the power increases and parts they use.

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Check them out in the links and see which one you think would be best for you.

For The Love Of Ford

Needless to say, we love Fords, no more than any other car brand, all brands have their place, but there is something about Fords that holds a piece of us. Even when we look at other cars we find ourselves going back to Ford (normally the Focus ST Mk2 with the 5 cylinder engine).

If you have a thing for Fords, whether old or new, get involved in the comments below or follow us on Instagram, we love to hear from other fans.

Get yourself involved and join in on the Facebook groups, we’re a friendly bunch and the majority of us are helpful if you ever have a problem.

All the best


Founder of Boost And Camber

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