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So you want to lower your car on a budget and don’t really fancy going down the coilovers route. Now you’ve looked into lowering springs and this is the way you want to go! Eibach Sportline Lowering Springs are some of the best on the market, with a great reputation and a great product.

If you are wondering about Eibachs or never heard of them, read on and we will go over why we think they are probably the best option for anyone that wants to lower their car without going coilover or bags and still keeping it cost effective!

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Are Eibach A Good Company?

Short answer. Yes, a very good company. Long answer. Eibach have been around since 1951 and have found their way to the top of a very niche market providing all forms of suspension parts to the market. These suspension parts have been renowned to be the best quality you can buy.

If you ever watch Formula 1 or NASCAR, there will normally be little Eibach stickers everywhere, because they provide these race cars with the necessary parts they need and have done for a very long time. As well as that, they provide suspension parts for Bugatti and Ferrari.

Eibach’s rigorous testing of all their components makes sure that everything sold is of the highest quality. Their test of time and hundreds of thousands of customers are just 2 ways to explain how good this brand actually is and if you ask anyone who has modified their car, they’ve probably had Eibach on at some point.

Are Lowering Springs Any Good?

Are you looking to lower your car and improve your handling whilst sacrificing a little bit of driving comfort? Then lowering springs are for you, if you were to say no I would have said they are no good for you. But yes, Lowering Springs are a great first modification.

Whether you’re a seasoned mod specialist or just starting out, lowering springs are a great place to start and offer a firmer, lower Center of Gravity for better handling on the corners. They do come with the downside that you will be sacrificing a little bit of comfort but what’s comfort anyway.

Eibachs are absolutely top-notch when it comes to improving your handling as they are made of the highest quality, meaning they could reduce the risk of a decrease in Ride quality and still improve performance.

Do They Damage Your Car?

Lowering springs in general aren’t made to damage your car, they are rigorously tested to improve your car, not the other way around. In fact, Eibach are so well tested they are used in most motor sports where they have to be built tough. So imagine your upgrading to race car level parts.

The most common myth in this is that lowering springs damage your stock shocks, some people say they do, while others say they don’t. Personally, never had any problem with any springs I’ve had, nor has anyone I know. The reason why is because they are built around the original shocks, to perform with what’s already on the car.

Companies like Eibach will inspect every set of springs before they leave the factory, make sure they work well with the car they are intended for and give a 1 million mile warranty.

Not only that but Eibachs are pre compressed in order to prevent sagging like you get with cheaper options, meaning when they are attached to the car it won’t have a “settling in period”. They are all ready to go.

How Much Are Lowering Springs?

Lowering springs are your cheapest option for lowering and improving the handling of your car. They are a budget option for anyone that wants to modify a car and can’t afford or doesn’t like coilovers. That doesn’t mean there is nothing wrong with them, it just means they are one option out of 3.

Generally speaking Eibach springs are in the mid range for the cost you expect to pay for a set of lowering springs, costing in the region of £120. In comparison, Eibach’s coilovers can be in the region of around £1,000, which are also a great option, but a lot firmer.

But if you really wanted to go all out, air suspension costs around £3,000 – £4,000. So £120 doesn’t look that bad considering they have the same idea only without being able to set the damping or ride height.

To BUY yourself a set of Eibach Sportline Lowering Springs, CLICK HERE or the picture below.

The Low Life

Getting low is a fun process, so it with a few mates and you can have a great laugh about it. I still laugh at the video of my car getting blow torched to get a bolt out that had seized, just so we could attach some lowering springs, it still puts a smile on my face.

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Happy Lowering



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