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Imagine this, your ride height is bothering you, your car turns like a boat, you can’t seem to get your car looking right for the shows. You’ve looked into new springs, you’ve looked into air ride. You might have even looked into coilovers. You might even be looking into the Eibach Pro Street S Coilovers.

Let me go through why I think Eibachs are the way forward. I mentioned in a previous post that BC coilovers are a fantastic brand, and they are, they have a huge following, but these coilovers need a better reputation because they might surprise you.

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Why Choose Eibach?

Eibach as a brand support so many racing teams and car brands that you probably aren’t aware of. They use most of their parts in F1, NASCAR, WRC and many more. Their work is recognized throughout motor sport and they strive to give motor sport quality to the average guy at an affordable cost.

What they do not do is average, although Eibachs are made for the everyday man, their products are tested rigorously to meet the extreme requirements of racing, so something similar to the average chav driving down the back lane in his 1.2 corsa at 120 mph. Of course I’m kidding, but only about the corsa being able to do 120 mph.

They are that confident that they are used by most of the big brands in most competitive races, to name a few

  • AMG
  • Lamborghini
  • BMW
  • Renault F1
  • Subaru
  • Nissan
  • Toyota
  • Audi
  • And many many more

Let’s face it they have a pretty big following and they’ve provided springs and coilovers to thousands of everyday guys in everyday cars for years. Even my own car, which I have to say I was extremely impressed with.

Are Eibachs Good Quality?

Eibach says if you spot the logo you can guarantee they will have the highest quality. This is because they were built with racing standard in mind, so F1 standard on your Seat Leon FR, makes sense.

The S in the name stands for steel and Eibach claim they are made of high strength steel, using an advanced CNC winding process with high quality corrosion protection. So that being said, yes, they are high quality.

With this brand, they have a reputation on the line and they wouldn’t let this slip because they have made such a big name for themselves and wouldn’t want to let that down.

This being said just because they are affordable, the quality won’t let you down. If you want this same quality, you would usually pay twice or three times as much. But it’s not all about cost, they are built to last, they have plenty of reviews online that can vouch for their authority in the motor sport world.

I used these on my old Clio r.s 200 and had I not had to get rid of this car, these would have stayed with the car till the car eventually ran into the ground. They were an absolute dream, giving my car absolute top performance.

What Are The Benefits?

So let’s look at some of the pros and cons of these


  • Reduced nose driving in heavy braking
  • Reduced body roll around corners
  • Firm but forgiving, making them good all rounders
  • Great quality from a well-known brand
  • Height adjustable


  • Slightly more expensive than other brands like BC coilovers
  • No damping adjusters

I cannot fault Eibachs, they have a great following, they offer high performance quality for track or daily use. The real benefits of fitting these are the improvements in the performance. If you’re looking at coilovers you either have a performance car or you’re looking to give your car better performance!

So if you want to improve the performance, these are highly beneficial. Even if you don’t want performance and you just want to go low, they will drop the car plenty for your requirements.

Are They Worth Their Money?

They are slightly more expensive than BC coilovers, but they are a top brand, using high quality steel and as suspension is a huge vital part of how your car handles, you really don’t want to cheap out on something that important. Plus with the quality of these, whether you are tracking or daily riding, they are going to last you a while so the cost will pay out in the long run.

If you wanted this kind of quality and performance, you would normally pay twice as much. To buy a set of any of these, the prices are as below just click the links:

  • Shop BC Coilovers click here.
  • Shop Eibach Coilovers click here.
  • Shop KW Coilovers click here.

It’s really upto you on what you want to spend, but Eibachs quality is on par with the KW coilovers and the BC Coilovers offer an affordable option with added benefits of adjustable damping.

Whichever you chose, they will all improve your performance in some way and you will get the lows you are probably looking for if you are looking to stance your car.


To be honest, you won’t find much better performance for the cost. Eibach are used in the F1, NASCAR And WRC for a reason. So whether you’re just looking for a better stance or you want to take it to the track, Eibach Pro Street S are a brilliant option for you.

Having used Eibachs, they are worth the buy, in fact when I changed my car and had a lower quality coilover, I wished I hadn’t changed the car, the suspension meant that much. But I digress.

Check out the links, see which suits you best, and I’ll see you on the track / streets.

What are your experiences with Eibachs? Share with the community by dropping a comment below, or get in touch via Facebook, Instagram, or twitter. We would love to hear from you.

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