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Lotteries, poker, online casinos, they all have one thing in common, put money in, you might get money back. What’s if it was more of a skills game than a chance game? Wouldn’t that be super. And instead of winning millions of pounds, you won an awesome car. There are dream car giveaways that do just that!

BOTB or best of the best are a company that have specialised in car lotteries, where the general public CAN and DO win sweet new cars. Some people do win them for 0.85p!! That’s madness!

So if you want to know how to play, is it a myth, where to get started, carry on reading for your chance to win an epic new car.

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Is BOTB Really That Simple?

BOTB or best of the best, really caught my eye one day on Facebook, I was scrolling through and it said “win your dream car”. I honestly thought this was a scam, I had no idea. So I went and did some research and it did say there were real winners with pictures of real people, so I decided to play.

At first I thought the sign up was super easy, same generic forms, name, date of birth, all that. Then it gives you a choice of competitions, weekly dream car giveaway or weekly lifestyle giveaway.

The weekly dream car gives you the chance to win 1 of 150 cars up for grabs. This can be an Aston Martin, BMW M5, Mercedes C63, Focus RS. Literally loads of cool prizes! Just check it out for yourself in the link below.

The weekly lifestyle is a little bit different as you can pick more than a car, you get a choice of

  • A motorbike
  • Cash sum of £5,000, £10,000 or £15,000
  • Laptops
  • Holidays
  • Watches

So there are plenty of prizes to win even if you’re not into cars, but who isn’t.

To play the game and win these prizes, all you have to do is submit a ticket and play “spot the ball”. Spot the ball is simple, you get a picture of a footballer and you have to guess where on the picture the ball is, if you are dead on the mark or the closest to the mark, you win.

Sounds simple doesn’t it. It really is. Even if you don’t win you could win a percentage of what you payed back if you are in a perimeter of the ball, a bit like darts. So either way you could still win.

Surely There Aren’t Real Winners

Every week there are real winners. They post up pictures of these people on the Facebook, the website and other forms of social media and these are REAL people. The game isn’t fixed, the winners are picked by a group of chaps that work tirelessly to go through thousands of submissions every week.

This includes all the different competitions you can enter and you actually stand a great chance of winning. It’s not like the lottery, there isn’t 4 billion people playing, it is all about a good guess at where a ball is on a photo.

I mean check out the reviews on trust pilot. It’s not even the winning, it’s the anticipation of winning the game and the thrill. Obviously play responsibly and when the fun stops, stop. It is a good fun game and a lot of people I know play and we all put in for the same week with different cars, we know one day we will win an RS3.

Either way believe it or don’t, do real people win the lottery? Who knows? All I know is it’s a great game that gives me a bit of hope when I feel a bit uncertain and down. Good on you BOTB!

What Kind Of Prizes Do BOTB Have?

So as mentioned up top, there are over 150 different cars to chose from. You can chose from loads of different brands including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mclaren, Aston Martin. But they’re not all supercars, you’ve got Audi’s, Ford, BMW. If they aren’t your thing there are SUVs, old Cosworths, just about anything you can think of they will probably put up for grabs.

If cars don’t take your fancy and you’re more into your bikes. You could win one of hundreds of bikes, from Kawasaki, KTM, Harley Davidson, sport bikes, cruisers, crossers, bobbers. There is so much choice of a bike you can win, there is going to be the right bike for you.

Cars and bikes a bit boring? What about a dream holiday? Or a nice watch? Or some other electrical technological device? They have a huge selection of things you can win, just go and see for yourself!

If all of that is still not tickling you, how would you like to be in for a chance to win £5,000? No? How about £10,000? No? Well what about winning £15,000 for the price of a 0.75p ticket? I know I’d be happy to win £15k for just playing a simple game.

Obviously there are a lot of people playing, a lot less than the lottery and your chances are loads better, but you can’t take it out on BOTB, I don’t ring up the lottery every week and complain I haven’t won. It is a game, it is gambling, so just play safe guys, it is a bit of fun!

How Do I Sign Up?

If you want to play the game and be in with a chance to win, us at Boost And Camber have teamed up with BOTB to give you the chance to win your next prize. Just click here to sign up today.

All you need to get signed up is an email, a Facebook or a Twitter, your name, phone number and to create a password. Simple.

Then the games are nice and straight forward, find a prize you want to win and select how many tickets you want to put in, each ticket has a price depending on the prize.

Play the game that comes up when you submit your tickets, for car giveaways it’s “spot the ball” and for other games it could be something different but they are all straight forward and fun and exciting.

Next just wait for the draw and keep and eye out on your texts and emails. Who knows, you might have a Ferrari coming to your door!

What Car Would You Want To Win?

If your eager to get playing and winning your next game, get on it and good luck.

If you do win a car, please tag us on Instagram @boost_and_camber and show us what you won!! We love stories about winners, projects and success stories.

If you want to input into this post, drop a comment below or get in touch on our Facebook.

Good luck!



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