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Lifting your low riding car can be a bit of a pain in the rear end. You have to drive it on blocks of wood, mini ramps and other ways to pre lift to get the jack underneath. So we bought a Draper Low Profile Trolley Jack to see how effective it was on a lowered car.

Our car is a 2006 Ford Focus, dropped on Eibach Pro Street S coilovers and it is a pain to get a jack underneath. But we gave it a go and we will write our review so you can see if it is for you too.

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Key Features

With any trolley jack, you want to know what you’re buying is strong and sturdy and can support your car. One of the main reasons we went for a Draper is the build quality and the following they have. There are plenty of reviews out there that are all saying what we found out.

The Draper trolley jack has a clearance of between 70 and 500mm, which means it can get under some pretty low cars, but if your like us you may still need some wood blocks or a ramp.

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With a 2 tonne lift it will pretty much be able to lift most cars, especially if you’ve done a weight reduction. So there shouldn’t be an issue with weight.

It also has a twin piston “quick lift”, which helps get your car up twice as fast and easy. Needless to say it feels sturdy and well-built with the user in mind. Especially on days you need to just get stuff done fast.

Although the weight is quite heavy and you do feel it, you know it’s built proper.

So to take away from this it’s

  • 70mm clearance, raising as high as 500mm
  • Sturdy and good build quality
  • Fast twin piston lift
  • 2 tonne lift capacity
  • Extra large cushioned saddle for easier location

This being said, it’s got some great benefits and is probably one of the best we have used as opposed to other brands.

Quality Over Everything

Have you ever heard the phrase buy cheap buy twice? Have you ever bought something and had to go buy another because it broke the next day? Usually this is because the materials used and the production is done on cheaper to save you money in the short fall, but nowadays, I need something reliable.

I hate getting out the pressure washer or the trolley jack for it to pack in before I’ve started. I really need reliable for the everyday use. When this jack arrived I noticed the box weight straight away, it was already heavier than previous brands, weighing over 30kg, it’s not something you can sling around.

Which meant I knew it was going to be sturdy. I’ve been using this for a year to date and I’ve not had any issues everytime I’ve got the car up, which although isn’t regular, it’s nice to know it’ll work.

The quick pump is also a great feature as it saves effort and time, although it’s not saving much, it does feel like I’m using a professional brand.

Our Verdict

We think this trolley jack is a brilliant brand, high quality, strong and sturdy for everyday use. It’s reliability is really where it’s at and I know my money has been well spent and it’ll last a lifetime.


  • Low clearance
  • Quick pump
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • 2 tonne lift capacity
  • Manoeuvrability


  • It’s heavy but I like that
  • The pads are glued
  • The paint on the wheels rubs off

Out of 5, we would probably give this jack a 4.5 out of 5, it is one of the best we have used, but it is to be noted we’ve only ever used 4 trolley jacks previous, but with its great reviews on Amazon and across the Internet, it’s why we chose it in the first place.


This isn’t a cheap option, we get that, but we’re not in the business of doing things cheap when it comes to our cars, if we’re doing something, it’s getting done right. Spend the extra and it’ll last you longer.

As far as how much this tool will cost you, it’s around £170, which isnt a bank breaker and when you have it, it’ll not need replacing for a while.

We found ours on Amazon with Prime about a year ago and it came next day, god knows how the delivery guy dropped it off, he didn’t even look 35kg himself!

If you want to buy one of these click the link below!!


All in all, does a great job, would recommend this product to any of my friends. A few of my BMW friend have bought one themselves and they said they get on with it just fine.

If you have any other suggestions to any other trolley jacks drop a comment below, or if you have a Draper Low Profile Trolley Jack and want to sing some praises, let us know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading and happy jacking



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