Detailing Your New Second-Hand Car – 6 Things You Need To Know

6 reasons you should detail your new second-hand car

Your car is never going to look how it did when it left the showroom but detailing on a regular basis will help keep your car looking at its very best. When you first purchase a new second-hand car, one of the first things you are going to want to do is wash and clean it inside and out.

1. It makes it easier to clean next time

Detailing your car to the extent you cover every single inch makes it a hell of a lot easier to maintain. The next time you go to do a standard wash, it will be so much easier to wash. The build-up of dirt will be less as you are keeping on top of it. Grabbing yourself a collection of car detailing products will set you up for keeping your car clean.

2. It preserves the glass, paint, interior & wheels

Ensuring that the glass, paintwork, interior and wheels are clean gives them a longer life. Dirt plus the length of time it has been on your car can cause the paint to peel and your car go rusty. The brake dust builds up from your wheels can also increase your chances of them corroding if not kept clean.

3. Remove contaminants on your vehicle

Doing a detail wash will remove the contaminants that your car has picked up from its travels. Something that a normal bucket and sponge wash won’t be able to achieve. Using contaminant remover products breaks down the tough dirt and grit so it is easier to remove from the paintwork and alloys.

4. Increases resell value & maintains value

If you were looking at selling your car, having a car that is looked after inside and out will help you get the maximum money for it. You can keep the value of your car by maintaining it regularly and generally just looking after it.

5. Correct scratches & paint swirls

Cars pick up scratches and swirls in the paintwork and these can be quite frustrating to look at. Paint polish and a machine polisher will work those swirls and scratches out in no time making it look like new. Polishing your car by hand will also help but may not get the same results you would get with a machine polisher.

6. Eliminates odours and germs

Treating your car to an interior detail will give it that new car smell. It will remove any odours, germs and animal fur that are on the seating and dashboard to give it that fresh feel. There are lots of interior spray air fresheners that you can purchase to make your car smell nice.

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