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You hear a car coming up the road, it sounds super raspy and crackly as it’s coming. It almost gives you an eargasm. But what is this devilry? How come it sounds so good? It’s probably that custom stainless steel exhaust system.

You might have heard of stainless steel exhausts before and wondered what they are all about, how long they will last and how much they cost to build. I will try to answer these questions for you in this article.

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to make your car sound 100 times better and be the envy of your friends and the enemy to your neighbors, keep reading.

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Why Chose A Custom Set Up?

There are a few benefits to switching out your old exhaust system for a stainless steel one. One main benefit is durability. As this is a UK website, I will say that because of our fantastic luck with weather, we find the wet and the salt on the roads can cause the standard steel to rust and corrode.

With stainless steel this isn’t an issue, meaning they will last a lot longer and it won’t need replacing as often. As well as this, you get great quality. As a custom-made pipe, you will get it completely fabricated for your car, giving you the exhaust note you desire and a well-built, hand made quality setup.

If that doesn’t tickle you, then what about the fact your performance will increase by letting your engine breathe and not being as restrictive. Although the power gains aren’t huge, you do still get an increase.

One thing to take note of is when you get a stainless steel exhaust, after time they do discolor, it’s not an issue, don’t panic. It’s just the heat from the exhaust, but it can be set back to normal with a bit of polish and a cloth.

Will I Get A Better Exhaust Note?

Absolutely! With your old standard setup, everything is made to bring the noise levels down, as cars nowadays have to below a certain dB. This is not the case in a custom setup.

If you ever hear a car with an upgraded exhaust, you will know the difference. More noise, maybe some pops and bangs, more raspy note. Just check out the video below to see what I mean.

Sometimes depending on where you go, you might be asked how you want your car to sound and the way the pipes are made may change the note.

I mean, have you ever heard a big roar coming down the road, you turn around and it’s some kid in his mums pimped out Citroen c1? Yeah, it’s not always glamorous but we all gotta start somewhere haven’t we.

But really I would get a custom exhaust on a car I plan to keep for a while, not only because it’s going to last a while within it’s self, but because you might aswel enjoy the benefits of having a sick sounding car rather than flogging it and letting someone else has all the fun.

How Long Will It Last?

If I’m honest, I’d love to give you guys a definitive number, but I can’t. It comes down to different factors, like

  • How well it was built?
  • What’s the weather like?
  • Are you on a coastal town?
  • How do you drive it?
  • How often do you drive?

All thing regarding weathering really will tell us how long it will last, typically the salt at a coastal town will wear it down quicker, like anything. Also, if it’s raining all the time, or if you drive only in rain, because you’re really unlucky, like me.

Realistically though, these should last as long as the car stands. If built properly and you drive in average conditions in an in land town, you shouldn’t need to worry about buying a new setup past 15 years. Most people don’t keep their cars that long.

How Much Is A Custom Setup?

Custom pipes vary from garage to garage. Some garages might charge a little more because they are more reputable, some might have better skills so they can charge more.

Cheap doesn’t mean cheap though but I would go to a garage that has a good google review. You might want to try the new guys on the block though and be the first to review, they may even be cheaper with just as much insight.

It also goes on what kind of exhaust your after, what tailpipes you want and how many. As you can tell, it could get pretty pricey if you really wanted something crazy custom.

On a basic setup though, you’re probably looking around £300 – £500.

A top example of a good brand that will do a great setup would be Powerflow, who are probably one of the top brands in the UK. One of the top garages in the South Yorkshire area is Top Gear Performance, who have been fitting exhausts to some of the top modified cars around the UK.

See how much AXA could save you!

Loud Pipes

If you really want those loud pipes, get booked in with a professional who really knows what they are doing, get a top job done and enjoy your noise.

Like I said, make sure it’s a car your keeping a while, there is no point spending all that money on something someone else will enjoy. Just get it on and built, enjoy it and show it off. More importantly, annoy the neighbors, it’s more fun.

If you have anything else to say or mention about this post, comment below, or get in touch via email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Don’t hesitate to get in touch, we love to hear from you.

Happy modifying!


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