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Growing up sucks. You wake up and you ache a little more each day and you have your passions, which is great, but it’s just not the same as when you were young. Until you have a young ‘un, and you can buy him / her Custom Little Tike Cars. Now you can project your love of cars onto your sprog!

Who doesn’t love teaching their kid the love of cars from an early age, plus let’s face it, it’s more for you anyway. Up until now, the car culture has just been adult based but as we are all growing up now and having kids, it’s time to start passing the baton.

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Doing It For The Kids

If you’re like me and most men and women all over the world, your child is probably starting to find his feet and wants to start getting around and running off to places they really shouldn’t, that’s normal. They like to test us. But if you like to go to car shows and share a passion for modified cars, there is a new trend coming in.

Kids love being out and about, they love playing in toy cars and scooters and generally being at the park. Remember when you were young and we all had one of those little tikes’ cars. We always had that one friend that would push it too hard into a wall.

Well we can now give our kids the best of our childhood, with that same memorable fun but while sharing our love of cars. It’s a great thing for you and your little one to bond over from an early age as you really get to know each other. Truly, to share something you love with someone you love and grow up with it, it’s something beyond love.

That’s where a little UK company have come into play. To help you connect your passion for cars with your little man or lady and build on your relationship to share something together.

Kids Car Mods

Starting out in 2019 from their homes in Kent, 2 dads were building little tike cars for their children, both these guys were all over the forums for car enthusiasts and by chance got to chatting. Their passion for stanced cars and their kids was a strong bond and they decided to take it further.

They started working together to build some mad crazy custom-built kids toy cars and they now create custom builds for people every month. If you go to most shows up and down the UK including Gravity, the Oh So Retro Show, Ultimate Dubs or even BHP performance show, they will be there with their own line up of stanced kids cars.

Their business is currently growing rapidly and orders are filling up with the increased popularity, so getting a hold of one is rather limited, but they do take orders and they are all custom-built to the customers specifications.

What Do They Do Different?

Kids Car Mods (KCM) have been doing things a little different since they started, by building something truly unique and different then bringing it to the marketplace. The things that are done differently though is the custom paintwork, the lambo doors, wide arch kits, different wheels.

They make everything custom-made, even down to stanced BMW i8’s, they make everything to fit. This is something that is completely different and it’s all for the kids!

So if you have an idea in mind, even if it’s something simply like a rusty rat look van, just get in touch with them and see what they can do for you.

Buying A Stanced Little Tike

As their building process is an on custom order basis, you have to send them a request via Facebook or Instagram on these two links below

  • Facebook – Kids Car Mods
  • Instagram – @kidscarmods

All their build prices vary, in order to get an accurate quote, just send them a message with #boostandcamber and tell them we sent you, to get a personalized price just for you.

They are looking to build a website in time, so keep your eyes peeled for that. You can also follow them and keep an eye out for any custom build ideas that you think your kid will love.

Keeping The Kids Happy

As we know, it’s all about the kids and keeping them happy, that’s why we do the things we do in the first place and surely something a little special every so often and spoiling them never hurt anyone, we drive cool cars, so why shouldn’t our kids.

So get in touch with Kids Car Mods, see what they can do for you and get your kid a sick stanced little tike.

If you enjoyed this post, you have a stanced little tike or you just love what we do, drop a comment below, we love to hear from our fans.

Cheers duuuuudes


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